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Crist's Core Belief

Living in Florida gives one some firsthand experience with political drama. It’s now official that Governor Charlie Crist is going to leave the Republican Party and run for the  U.S. Senate as an independent. Crist was so far behind Marco Rubio that he had no hope of overtaking him in the Republican primary, so he opted for the independent run. In doing so, Crist has made himself a pariah within his old party. No one who values the Republican identity… Read more »

The "Stupid" Strategy

Have you noticed the strategy employed by the Democrats over the past three decades? You might have to be as old as I am to see the pattern, but it’s now very obvious. I call it the “stupid” strategy, which is aimed at any Republican who is a threat to actually win the presidency or any other high office. It all started with Ronald Reagan. When he ran against President Carter in 1980, the whispers began, then rose to a… Read more »

The Future of the Republican Party?

I went to a fundraiser last evening here in Lakeland, Florida, for senatorial candidate Marco Rubio. Rubio was there and spoke about his basic beliefs. He was articulate, principled, and devoted to constitutionalism. He is someone I can support enthusiastically. When National Review put him on its cover many months ago, he was behind Florida governor Charlie Crist by about 40 points. Today, he is leading Crist by nearly that same margin. This has been a turnaround that is stunning… Read more »