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Fact Check on Those Polls

The presidential race is a dead heat. That’s what two new polls say. Polls, though, are only as good as the samples they use. For instance, those two new polls—one from the Washington Post/ABC and the other from Reuters—have a rather strange mix of respondents. When you do a poll on something this political, you need to have a sample that mirrors the electorate as closely as possible. Yet both of these polls show a nine-point advantage to those who… Read more »

Trusting the Government

Obama’s approval number in the latest weekly Gallup tracking poll is now 39%, which is lower than any other president in modern times at this point in a first term. To me, the puzzling thing about that number is that it is so high. After all that has transpired over the last two and a half years, why does anyone still have confidence in this confidence man? Yet there will always be those who have unwavering trust in what the… Read more »

Low Expectations

I’m not a great believer in public opinion polls. I realize it’s important to feel the pulse of the electorate, but that pulse is so erratic at times that it seems a useless effort to take it. Once in a while, though, those polls do reflect accuracy. Take, for instance, a recent one that said 75% of the people don’t like the direction the country is going. That one probably has credibility for the moment. Considering who’s the engineer on… Read more »

Presidential Poll Numbers & Reelection

President Obama’s approval ratings have been below 50% for quite some time now. Depending on which poll you believe, his favorability is somewhere between 42-48%. That certainly looks bad for him at this stage of his presidency. In an interview with Barbara Walters a few days ago, he said he’s not really in that bad of shape; as proof, he cited how poorly both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan were doing two years into their presidencies—both lower than he is… Read more »

Polls, the Presidency, and Prayer

I’ve always been critical of polls. Yet we are a poll-driven society now; there’s no escaping them. There are many polling agencies, and it seems that election season puts them into overdrive. Yes, I know they have value, and they can point to trends. Just like anyone else, I rejoice when a poll shows my views or candidates looking strong. I also take comfort in polls that reveal weakness on the other side of the political/cultural divide. For instance, President… Read more »

Polls, the Economy, & the Rule of Law

No matter which polling firm one follows, there is a trend reflected in all the polls: President Obama’s approval numbers are falling. Naturally, this has become a central concern for the administration. Well, since the administration is perplexed about this drop, let’s examine possible reasons for it. The jobs situation obviously comes to the forefront. While Obama and Biden tout success, the rest of the country doesn’t share that optimism. Jobs grow in the government, but not where they should… Read more »