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Identifying the Extremists

For weeks now [I could say “for years,” but I’m trying to limit it to the present debate] we’ve been treated to a steady stream of invective from Democrats saying that “Tea Party wingnut extremists” are the barrier for reaching a budget deal. What exactly are those “extremist” views? Please choose among the following: A desire to live within our means as a nation rather than going even more trillions of dollars in debt A call for a balanced budget… Read more »

Pelosi vs. Reality

There are times when a statement by a politician is so far from reality that it takes a while to be able to come up with a response other than laughter. For instance, in case you missed it, Nancy Pelosi, defending her four years as House Speaker made this astounding claim: “Deficit reduction has been a high priority for us. It is our mantra, pay-as-you-go.” When I first heard her say this, I thought perhaps I had misunderstood, but it… Read more »

Return of the Constitution

I remember standing in the freezing rain outside the Capitol on inaugural day 2001, watching George W. Bush replace Bill Clinton as president. It’s hard to describe the relief that swept through the crowd once he took the oath of office. Eight years of one of the sleaziest episodes in American presidential history had mercifully come to an end. I wasn’t present on Wednesday when the Republicans once again took control of the House of Representatives, but something similar to that 2001… Read more »

The Lame-Duck Congress

Does anyone remember that an election took place about a month ago? If so, please remind the current congressional leadership. This lame-duck Congress is desiring to throw away its crutches. The election said one thing quite demonstrably: the Democrat leadership is hereby repudiated. Yet that leadership, still clinging to its last gasps of power, is attempting to ram through a series of bills that it knows won’t stand a chance in January when the new members take their seats. Yesterday,… Read more »

Democrat Doings

Our lame Congress—I mean “lame-duck” Congress—is giving plenty of evidence why the elections were a good thing. Let’s just consider how the Democrats are handling themselves during this session. They started off by re-electing Nancy Pelosi as their leader in the House. Pelosi has learned nothing from the elections. She’s convinced that her party wasn’t turned out of power for its policies. This could turn into a new TV program: If it should ever materialize, don’t expect the ratings to rival… Read more »

Time to Get Serious

Some individuals, when they get a taste of power, have a hard time letting go. They develop the mentality that they deserve their position, regardless of how they’ve wielded that power. A case in point: It’s also difficult to make the rest of the election losers realize their time is up. For instance, we have a congressional session ready to start shortly, with all the old congressmen and senators, many of whom won’t be there in January. Rumors are that… Read more »

Democrat Leadership: No Change

For those who were wondering how the president would respond to an electoral “shellacking,” the suspense is over. Well, there wasn’t really that much suspense anyway. His ideology won’t allow him to admit his policies are detrimental, so he has to find others to blame. It could get a little weird: Some observers still hold out hope that he might recognize the problem, but given his concept of reality, that hope seems a trifle far-fetched: Something more than a simple… Read more »