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Let’s Be Honest

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testified before a House committee yesterday. When asked by a Republican congressman just how much the debt ceiling would have to be raised to meet all the expected expenses of the next decade, Geithner was reluctant to give a straight answer. In the end, he said something to the effect that the congressman would not be happy with the number. The best estimate from economic analyst Stuart Varney is that we would have to raise the… Read more »

Obama’s Green Dreams

You would think after the bankruptcy of Solyndra, which received half a billion in taxpayer stimulus money, and now a number of other “green” energy companies folding despite government largess at the taxpayer expense, that the president would rethink his support for such boondoggles. Instead, he’s doubling down and seeking to spend more of our [your] money on enterprises that cannot compete in the marketplace. When one is inspired by an ideology, however false, it’s difficult to face reality. On… Read more »

Ample Proof

I’ve had kind of a long week. How about some political cartoons to carry us through the weekend? Less commentary from me, more from those who illustrate some of the absurdities of everyday political life. Libya, of course, tops the list: We don’t want to forget developments in other countries that have gone largely unnoticed lately, such as in Venezuela: Chavez is also the guy who recently speculated that the reason there may not be life on Mars is because… Read more »

Oil, Energy, & Obama’s Perspective

How high will the gas prices go this time? And will they come down again, like they did before? There are no guarantees. The spike in oil prices can only be a detriment to an economy that remains stagnant. President Obama has no love for the oil industry. Some commentators believe he actually wants the higher oil prices to force the country into his concept of green energy, which will necessarily lead to higher energy costs. What is his energy… Read more »

Listening to the People

A couple days ago, I talked about the importance of running positive campaigns. Apparently, my remarks were heard in the upper echelons of those responsible for managing campaigns. I’m pleased to announce the following: I’m also gratified that the Obama administration has finally heard the pleas of the many voices calling on him to end the ban on deep-water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s wonderful that he finally saw the light: Now, how cynical can a cartoonist… Read more »