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They Deserve to Win

As a counterpoint to yesterday’s post, where I listed the politicians who most deserved to lose this year, today I’ll focus on the positive—those who really deserve to win. Now, that doesn’t mean they all will win, but the nation would be better off if they did. I’m going to start close to home with Florida’s Senate race. No one, when the race began, expected Marco Rubio to gain any traction. He had been speaker of the Florida House, and… Read more »

Everyone's Watching Florida

The political scene in Florida is nothing if not fascinating. In the primary on Tuesday, one man did what no one expected. His name is Rick Scott. He has never run for public office before, but he is now the Republican nominee for governor. Scott is a businessman who has been in the healthcare field for most of his adult life. What most people probably don’t know is that he was the force behind some very effective TV ads back during… Read more »