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A Sober Analysis

I try very hard not to be a conspiracy theorist. I make every attempt not to be shrill in my commentaries. I seek to bring faith and reason together and deliver a sober analysis of events. The cartoons I use so often are the comic relief to illustrate my main points. It’s my genuine hope that fair-minded individuals will read these daily ponderings and acknowledge their honesty, at least. So I want to make sure I’m not simply partisan when… Read more »

The First Step

Virginia was my home for 28 years, and I still have a great fondness for it. So when good news hails from that state, I rejoice. In this case, it’s very good news for the nation. The Virginia attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, sued in court to overturn the mandate in the healthcare law Congress passed earlier this year that forces people to buy health insurance or be penalized for failing to do so. Yesterday, a federal judge in Virginia ruled… Read more »

Personal Election Highlights

The high points in the past election for me center on the three states that I have called home throughout my life: Florida, Virginia, and Indiana. I’ve been a Floridian now for a little more than four years and am thrilled with Tuesday’s results here. The whole nation was watching the Florida Senate race, wondering if Marco Rubio could succeed in a divided field—divided because current governor Charlie Crist, running as an independent, was attempting to take Republican votes away… Read more »