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What We Missed During the Hiatus

Today I speak at the Lakeland Republican Club. I’ve been asked to evaluate the Republican contenders for the presidency, discussing their strengths and weaknesses. The results of last night’s Iowa caucuses will figure prominently in that evaluation. However, I’m going to wait until tomorrow’s posting to discuss those results more thoroughly here—it’s good to allow a day to think it through rather than just attempt a quickie analysis. In the meantime, let’s catch up on some of those key moments… Read more »

Cartoon Commentary Today

My topics for the last two days have been the Korean situation and the WikiLeaks problem. How about if we just concentrate today on some of the better cartoons dealing with these two issues? Let’s start with Korea where “maximum leader” Kim Jong-il, not quite on his deathbed but preparing for that eventuality, is ready to pass the baton to his son: Did I say baton? Perhaps I meant sword. How can North Korea get away with these provocations? What allows them… Read more »