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Another Long Four Years

Whenever a president begins a second term, we see a slew of resignations and new appointments to Cabinet positions. It’s happening again, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a sorry slate of appointees waiting to be confirmed by the Senate. The first to jump ship was Timothy Geithner, who has held the post of Treasury Secretary for the last four years. I would wonder if Geithner decided to bail out now because of the shipwreck looming ahead, but… Read more »

Low Expectations

I’m not a great believer in public opinion polls. I realize it’s important to feel the pulse of the electorate, but that pulse is so erratic at times that it seems a useless effort to take it. Once in a while, though, those polls do reflect accuracy. Take, for instance, a recent one that said 75% of the people don’t like the direction the country is going. That one probably has credibility for the moment. Considering who’s the engineer on… Read more »

Downgrade Politics

If you are a Democrat, what is your message about the recent downgrade of the nation’s credit rating by S&P? That’s easy. You blame the Tea Party. You know, the ones who warned that an economic apocalypse was coming and that something drastic had to be done to avoid the downgrade. Democrats fear they will be held responsible, what with an added $5 trillion to the national debt in the past two and a half years. And never mind that… Read more »