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All Obama, All the Time

The onrush of constant bad news on the national security front may be pushing aside one of the greatest threats to our liberty—the attempt by the Obama administration to wipe out the First Amendment protection for freedom of speech. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last Thursday voted to impose new regulations on the use of the Internet. The vote was 3-2, along party lines. Would anyone care to guess which party voted for these regulations? The FCC is supposed to… Read more »

Beware the “Fairness” Argument

The world runs on the Internet, so of course President Obama resents the fact that he doesn’t have control over it. He has a bright idea. Let’s put the government in charge of how it is being used. You know—to be fair. Whenever you hear a Democrat talk about “fairness,” beware. Remember the old Fairness Doctrine that was the law of the land for radio and television broadcasting? Its real purpose was to stifle opposition viewpoints. Fortunately, it was overturned,… Read more »