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More on Holder, Radical Islam, and Profiling

Yesterday, I wrote about Eric Holder’s amazing confession: he never even read the Arizona illegal immigration bill that he was so bitterly criticizing. After writing it, this very appropriate cartoon surfaced, so it’s worth sharing. Even a fictional conversation can contain a lot of truth. Actually, I believe Holder has read the Constitution; he just has a different take on it—that it should be ignored. Incidentally, it’s now a matter of record that Janet Napolitano, director of Homeland Security, former… Read more »

A National Disgrace

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, has pretty much made a mockery of that office. I don’t say that lightly. He’s the one who keeps pushing for terrorists to have civil trials, who claims that America is a nation of cowards that is unwilling to engage in a meaningful dialogue on race [wait a minute, didn’t that nation of cowards elect a black man to the presidency?], and who can’t bring himself, while testifying to a congressional committee,… Read more »

The Obama Worldview & Arizona

If you are a regular reader of my musings, you know I have a foundational disagreement with President Obama with respect to his worldview and the policies that emanate from it. His vision of the world, America’s place in it, and the legitimate uses of government are diametrically opposed to mine. The Obama worldview sees America as no different than other nations (except perhaps a bit worse than most), he seems to think we should become more like other countries and… Read more »

The Hottest Stories

The two hottest stories everyone is following right now are the 90% approval ratings for Congress and the Chicago Cubs’ latest winning streak. No, wait, I got that wrong. Sorry for the confusion. Let me try again. The two hottest stories everyone is following right now are the Arizona illegal immigration bill and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. On that first topic, which I’ve already commented on twice before, I personally find it rather amusing that San… Read more »

Legitimate Concern vs. Tired Old Rhetoric

The new Arizona law regarding illegal immigrants has created some discussion in conservative circles: there are those—Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio among them—who have expressed concerns over possible misapplication of the law. Legitimate concerns should always be expressed, and the discussion over them should be civil. Rubio has done so. He also noted that the Arizona legislature moved to amend the bill to ensure that no one can use race as a basis for carrying out the law. As Rubio… Read more »

This Is Peaceful?

Let’s see, what do we have here? Why, that’s an image of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer dressed as a pinata. The sign says “Say no to Arizona Republican Party.” There’s a young boy ready to swing at her with a bat, while others in the background are enjoying the sight. No violence here. No disrespect for authority. It’s all in your imagination. Here we have a demonstrator against the new Arizona law that seeks to identify illegal aliens. He’s outraged…. Read more »