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Friday Potpourri

Today, I’d like to showcase some of the most ridiculous happenings lately, both inside government and out. How about starting with that highly effective federal agency known as the EPA? If you ever had any tendency to believe there are good reasons for every one of those environmental regulations thrust upon us, here’s a true story that might shake your confidence in the wisdom of the bureaucracy: No, I didn’t make that up. Then there’s the Obama administration’s ongoing war… Read more »

D-Day–The New Version

As I write this, we are less than three hours away from the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. Most of you reading this will already know what was decided. I’ll examine what transpires today and offer some thoughts on it tomorrow. This is probably one of the most anticipated and historic Supreme Court decisions in my lifetime, aside from all the bad decisions on abortion. If Obamacare is allowed to stand, it will go down as the worst decision since… Read more »

Punishing Arizona

The media naturally focused on the Supreme Court’s decision on the Arizona illegal immigration law, but apparently it’s missing the other story: the abandonment of Arizona by the federal government. From what I’ve read, none of the network morning programs—not Today or Good Morning America, or whatever CBS has currently—even mentioned the astounding change announced by the Department of Homeland Security. I haven’t yet heard a report on how the evening news shows handled it, but I wouldn’t be surprised… Read more »

The Court, Arizona, & the Constitution: The Obama Response

The Supreme Court yesterday, in a much-anticipated ruling, upheld the central feature of the Arizona illegal immigration law that has been the center of controversy for the last few years. Yes, the Court did strike down other features of the law, but they were minor in comparison to the provision that allows police to check the immigration status of citizens who happen to be stopped under suspicion of breaking a law. Although the Obama administration, spearheaded by Eric Holder of… Read more »

The Rule of Law: The Beginning of the End?

Reaction to the president’s usurpation of the legislative power of Congress continues. I wrote about this on Monday: the unilateral decision to alter illegal immigration enforcement and the political reason for doing so. The cartoonists are beginning to weigh in on this now, and they’re doing a pretty good job of identifying the underlying philosophy and reasoning of the president. For instance: There have been other, less publicized uses of executive orders to accomplish what Obama wants, but what we… Read more »

The Real Problems with the Change in Immigration Policy

Forget for just a moment the substance of the new illegal immigration policy President Obama announced on Friday. I’m not going to deal with that today. Instead, let’s concentrate on the constitutional and political angles. Last September, speaking to a Latino audience that wanted to know why he hadn’t done anything on the illegal immigration issue, Obama accurately noted that as president, he didn’t have the authority to unilaterally change immigration policy. He correctly stated that any policy change had… Read more »

Obama, Illegal Immigration, & the Court

The Obama administration has had quite an innovative approach to the problem of illegal immigration. Whenever a state decides to enforce the federal laws that already exist, such as in Arizona where the law they passed was merely a reaffirmation of what the federal government should be doing, they get a rather strange reaction from Washington: The Obama Justice Department is so outraged by states trying to help that it has taken this all the way to the Supreme Court…. Read more »