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Truth as Victim

Campaigns have always been quite adept at creating false images of opponents. As a student of American history, I know this is not a new phenomenon. Our history is replete with the skewering of political foes, usually with a fair amount of lies thrown in. But never in our history have we had such access to information to cull out that which is false. You would think that would make politicians more cautious, but in the case of President Obama… Read more »

About Those Occupiers

The “Occupy Wall Street” protest/1960s nostalgia tour continues. Some of it is funny, while other aspects are kind of sad with respect to the incoherence of the protesters. Let me be clear [to quote a current president]: I have my concerns about Wall Street malfeasance as well, but those concerns center on the manner in which some Wall Streeters conduct themselves, not the capitalist system itself. Capitalism cannot control all greed. The system works beautifully when it is carried out… Read more »

As Arizona Goes . . . ?

The Arizona illegal immigration bill remains a top story of interest throughout the nation. Polls are showing that a clear majority of Americans support what Arizona has done. Within the state itself, more than 70% of Arizonans continue to back the bill. Gov. Jan Brewer’s approval rating has skyrocketed. Yet in the mainstream media, and in the halls of political power in Washington, Arizona is a pariah. President Obama played host to Mexican president Calderon last week. They had a… Read more »

Hypocrisy . . . and Its Cure

Most of the time I focus on a specific issue or person, but there are times that a certain theme applies in many situations. One theme that is always present, it seems, is hypocrisy. Jesus had a lot to say about a class of people called the Pharisees. He spared no words in pointing out instances of hypocrisy in their lives. We have our own Pharisees today, and they exist on both ends of the political spectrum [witness the recent… Read more »