Justice Subverted

The United States has had an attorney general ever since George Washington’s administration. The role of the attorney general always has been to enforce the laws of the United States and prosecute those who break the laws. The goal, from the start, was to provide even-handed justice, without showing favoritism or partiality to one’s political party. Of course, not all attorney generals carried out that task with great honor, particularly during times of highly partisan political warfare. Yet the aim has never changed, and attorney generals are held to a high standard. When that standard is violated, alarms are raised appropriately.

Eric Holder 2The attorney general who currently heads the Department of Justice, and has for the entire tenure of President Obama, is Eric Holder. He was a controversial figure even before taking this position. At the end of the Clinton administration, he was largely responsible for advocating for a number of very questionable presidential pardons, including a man named Marc Rich, who had fled the country to escape prison, but who had links to Bill Clinton. That, by itself, ought to have been enough to exclude Holder from this office. He had already proven his flair for using a government job for political purposes.

During his five years as attorney general, Holder has been involved with a series of partisan and unconstitutional actions. I don’t have a complete list, but just this one, off the top of my head, will suffice for now:

  • The DOJ has determined that no prosecution of racial bias by blacks against whites will ever occur. This came to the forefront when New Black Panther members intimidated voters at a Philadelphia poll location. Although career lawyers in the DOJ moved forward with the prosecution, they were shut down by the political appointees. The case was closed.
  • Shortly after Obama took office, the Holder DOJ declared it would not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), even though it was a duly passed law by Congress and the department had a constitutional obligation to see that it was carried out. This was purely political, setting the stage for a push for same-sex marriage. In this instance, the DOJ was actively trying to change society’s view of marriage.
  • Operation Fast and Furious allowed guns to be sold to Mexican drug lords. Those guns were then used to murder a U.S. border agent and a multitude of Mexican citizens. Ostensibly, the goal was to trace the guns to the criminals, but it didn’t work out that way. Some suspect it was part of an ongoing desire to create a climate for greater gun control legislation.
  • The DOJ unconstitutionally delved into the phone records of journalists, and even labeled one journalist, James Rosen of Fox, as a criminal co-conspirator just for doing his job of asking questions and seeking answers for a story.
  • The latest outrage is evidence that taxpayer money was used by the DOJ to help with pro-Trayvon Martin protests back in 2012. The department put itself solidly on the side of Martin, declaring George Zimmerman guilty even before all the facts were known, and well before the trial where a jury of peers could sort out the testimony and come to a decision based on the law and the facts.

In all these instances, a political agenda has been at work. Holder is the ultimate political player. Yet he doesn’t act alone. Although the mainstream media tends to ignore the obvious, it is clear he is merely carrying out the wishes of his boss. Holder and Obama see eye-to-eye on all these issues. Obama has heightened racial tension in a number of ways, including intruding himself into the Trayvon Martin tragedy; he coyly delayed his support for same-sex marriage until he was reelected; he seeks greater restrictions on Second Amendment gun rights; he has made it clear he hates Fox News and anyone in the media who doesn’t bow to his wishes.

All these scandals that have been erupting over the past few months can be traced to the top. Eric Holder is simply the enforcer for the One.

Can't Keep Track

And the One naturally has no idea what his loyal acolytes are doing. How credible is that?

Justice is being subverted systematically in the Obama years. It is deliberate. Those who understand the real definition of justice—the impartiality of the rule of law—need to take a strong stand now, before it becomes impossible to repair the damage.

Holder, Obama, & the Current Scandals

The pressure is mounting on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign. His transgressions predate the current scandals, but these recent revelations certainly highlight the basic character of the man. This is a character that was evident to many from the start, but only now has the knowledge spread to the more general population. The chief law enforcer for the country should be above reproach. That doesn’t describe Holder.


In the bizzaro world of Democrat politics, President Obama doesn’t seem to find anything wrong with having Holder conduct the investigation into himself:

Got a Lead

Possible Co-conspirator

Without going into all the details of Holder’s inconsistencies—otherwise known as lies—one thing has become painfully obvious:

Can't Stand the Heat

Yet, with all the attention on Holder, the man who is ultimately responsible is not receiving the focus he deserves for his part in all the scandals. Of course, his defense is that either he is totally ignorant or completely incompetent. That’s supposed to inspire confidence?

My Job

Lead from Behind

The one talent he has honed during his tenure is the ability to blame others for whatever goes wrong. For a while, it was all George Bush’s fault. Now he’s having to look for other scapegoats:

Low-Level Staffers

If you’re looking for someone to model how to throw others under the bus, you’ve found him.

Nothing to Fear?

The scandals continue apace, and it doesn’t seem as if they’re going away soon. A new one was added on in the past couple of days. More on that later. But first, let’s update what we know. Well, keep in mind the only reason we know anything is because whistleblowers and some reporters who still cling to the old idea of ferreting out the facts have overcome the fear of White House retaliation and come forward to present their evidence. If it were up to the White House and the various executive departments it oversees, we would remain in the dark. They want you to believe they are clueless about any wrongdoing, yet should receive total credit for anything that goes right:

Not Me

At the almost-daily press briefings and on news shows, members representing the administration have one talking point only:


On Benghazi, we haven’t heard as much in the last few days, but it’s still bubbling under the surface. Rumors are that more whistleblowers are about to tell their tales. That can’t be good for those who may have tried to put a cone of silence over their testimony:

Air Strike

One commentator, Andy McCarthy, reminds us of an overlooked part of the Benghazi timeline: President Obama and Hillary Clinton had a 10:00 p.m. phone call the night of the attack, which was just after receiving news that our ambassador had been killed. The next day the false story about the anti-Islam video became the “explanation” for the attack. Coincidence?

We also know now that the administration has identified at least five individuals in Libya who were responsible for carrying out the attack, but have done nothing to get them. Apparently, they are waiting until there is enough “evidence” to try them in a civilian court. Again, this betrays the administration’s worldview. Obama and his people, especially Eric Holder at the Justice Department, believe foreign terrorists are entitled to all the legal protections of American citizens. Wrong.

The IRS scandal currently dominates most of the news cycle for the scandals. I think that has something to do with how every citizen feels about that particular agency. We all know it can come after each one of us individually. There’s not a whole lot love there. And even though we’re told it’s not a partisan agency, facts seem to indicate otherwise:

Only a Left Wing

We also now know that on March 31, 2010, President Obama met with the anti-Tea Party IRS union chief at the White House. The very next day the “jihad” against Tea Party and other conservative organizations began. Another coincidence?

Lois LernerTea Parties across the nation held rallies yesterday outside IRS offices, protesting the unfair and illegal treatment they have received at its hands. The main person responsible for that treatment, Lois Lerner, is supposed to appear today before one of the congressional committees investigating the scandal. The word is that she has decided to take the Fifth Amendment, which is a little peculiar for someone who claims she has done nothing wrong. Now, I realize the Fifth Amendment is there to protect against incriminating oneself, but one has to wonder what she has to hide—or who else she might be protecting. What promises have been made to her to secure her silence? In the law, a prosecutor must provide evidence for a conviction, so taking the Fifth is an established practice; we are told not to consider anyone guilty until proven so. However, this is not yet a legal court case where those standards exist. There’s another court, that of public opinion, and we are free to believe what we wish about this tactic being used at this point.

Another reason to be concerned about how the IRS handles its business is that it is slated to oversee the implementation of Obamacare, a law frightening enough in itself, even before the IRS is attached to it:

Member of Tea Party

Under New Management

This whole thing has taken on monstrous proportions. How long will American citizens put up with it?

Villagers with Torches

James RosenThe tapping of the phones of the Associated Press is now an old story compared to recent revelations. Obama has never liked Fox News. Now we know, for a fact, that this organization also has been the subject of scrutiny. It started with the exposure of the Justice Department secretly reading the e-mails of James Rosen, one of Fox’s reporters. Rosen was merely doing what all reporters do—trying to find out information on a story. In this case, it had to do with the North Korea nuclear program. Something about that ticked off the powers-that-be. The DOJ somewhere found a judge who signed off on the secret reading of Rosen’s e-mails because he was called a “co-conspirator” in a criminal investigation.

This jarring news sent a chill through the entire press. Never in the history of this country, except perhaps after the passage of the Sedition Act of 1798, has a member of the press been accused formally of criminal activity simply for pursuing information. Then it came out that the DOJ had targeted other Fox employees as well; a further revelation is that the department also tapped into Fox phone lines. This is unprecedented.

Doing My Job

But don’t worry. We’re told the president is a great supporter of the First Amendment. All we have to fear is fear itself.

Nothing to Fear

This is a tyranny in the making. It needs to be stopped. Let the investigations proceed.

Summarizing the Scandals–Thus Far

My goal today is to attempt a summary of the three controversies swirling around the presidency right now. I can’t promise to include everything that ought to be included, but I do hope to make sense of it all. If you’ve been too busy to follow all the details, perhaps this can help pull it together. In the spirit of Watergate, I’ve decided to put a “gate” on each one. As far as I’m concerned, they more than deserve that “honor”; each one is far worse than the original.


  • The killing of four Americans, including our ambassador, on 9/11/12 is the only one of these controversies that cost lives. That, in itself, makes it the worst of the three. There are three stages of this controversy:
    • Prior to the attack: Security measures were far below standards in a country on the verge of chaos and infiltrated with radical Muslim groups. Repeated requests for added security were either ignored or rejected by the State Dept. Some reports also indicate that we may have been using Libya as a center for a gun-running operation to Syrian rebels, many of whom are also radical Islamists.
    • During the attack: On-the-ground communications gave us a blow-by-blow description of what was happening in real time. Those whose lives were in danger asked for help. Two former Navy Seals rushed to the scene and again sought help from the military. There was help available, and as a team was assembled and ready to go their aid, they got a “stand down” order that, according to Gregory Hicks, the top diplomat in Libya still alive, greatly angered the colonel in charge of the troops. Due to that order, no aid came and the Seals were killed after a stalwart defense. Who gave the “stand down” order? No one is claiming responsibility.
    • After the attack: Now we know that the decisionmakers, from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, had information right from the start that implicated radical Islamists. They chose to edit all mention of terrorism out of the infamous talking points that UN ambassador Susan Rice used to go on Sunday news programs. They uniformly blamed some obscure anti-Islam video on the Internet for causing this attack. None of the documentation that has been revealed thus far provides any rationale for blaming that video, yet even President Obama, two weeks later, was using it as the cause in a speech to the UN. Despite assurances that those responsible would be dealt with, no one in Libya has ever been charged; yet the man who produced the video was rounded up and jailed, and he remains there to this day.
    • It’s hard not to believe the accusations that this has been a coverup from day one. Added to the despicable nature of this coverup is that it occurred during the campaign as a way of ensuring another Obama term.
    • More whistleblowers may be forthcoming. Not one person who was in Benghazi who survived this attack has ever said a word about what occurred. Are they under a gag order from this administration? Are they being intimidated in some way?


  • Last Friday, in anticipation of the release of an inspector general’s report, the IRS official in charge of the Exempt Organization Division, Lois Lerner, issued an apology for how the agency had targeted conservative groups for at least two years, holding them to near-impossible standards before allowing them to be considered tax exempt.

    • Ever since that admission, there have been daily reports of how these organizations were subjected to harassment. Any group seeking tax exemption that included “Tea Party,” “patriot,” limited government,” or any similar wording in their names became a target. This was a scorched-earth attempt to defund these organizations and to limit their effectiveness as the 2012 presidential election neared.
    • It also has come to light that donors to Republicans, particularly donors to Mitt Romney, were singled out for audits. This went beyond donors to other tax-exempt organizations that exhibited support for Romney. The most egregious example was the auditing of the Billy Graham Association after Rev. Graham vocally supported a defense-of-marriage law in North Carolina and then had favorable things to say about candidate Romney.

    • President Obama claims he knew nothing about this until he read the news accounts. Right. As if the president of the United States relies on the media for his information. Then he asked for the resignation of the acting commissioner of the IRS, who, it turns out, was planning on retiring in a couple of months anyway. He further says the IRS is an independent agency over which he has no direct control. Really? It is under the Treasury Department, which is run by Obama’s secretary of the treasury. He has direct oversight. Any claim to the contrary is invalid.
    • In a particularly strange and tone-deaf move, Sarah Hall Ingram, who served as commissioner of the office overseeing tax-exempt organizations, has now been tabbed to lead the IRS enforcement of Obamacare. What could possibly go wrong?
    • Then, yesterday, Obama announced his appointment of Daniel Werfel to take over the IRS. Who is Werfel? A current White House budget official. In other words, let’s hire the fox to guard the hen house.


  • The Justice Department secretly got access to two months’ worth of telephone conversations between reporters for the AP and whomever they might have contacted for their stories. Ostensibly, this was done for national security reasons—that the AP endangered national security by releasing a story about a successful effort to thwart a terrorist attack in Yemen.

    • Now we know that there was no longer a threat by the time the AP released its story. It had worked with the administration to sit on it for five days prior to release. Reports now indicate that the offense, if that be the right word, was in releasing it before the administration had the opportunity to boast about its successful operation. There was no national security threat at all at the time AP made the decision.
    • This is a clear First Amendment issue (as is the IRS controversy), and the media, which has always sided with Obama, is showing signs of alienation from him for the first time in five years.
    • Both Obama and Attorney General Holder say they have no knowledge of what occurred. Obama says, rather implausibly, that the White House doesn’t know what its own Justice Department is doing; Holder says he earlier recused himself from the operation, although he doesn’t recall just when he did so and has nothing in writing to prove it.

In every case, Obama has tried to have it both ways: he knew nothing, yet don’t worry, he’s fully in charge and everything’s going to be fine.

Let’s just say I’m not all that assured. When George Bush was president, you may have disagreed with some of his decisions, but at least you knew what he had decided and that he took responsibility for his actions. The Obama presidency has been a study in opposites:

These controversies have only begun. They have not played out, and won’t very soon in spite of the administration’s desire to put them to rest. Don’t be surprised, either, if a few more get added on to these three. The arrogance of this president and his minions practically guarantees it.

Erecting Our Own Gallows

Yesterday’s post dealt with the ongoing Gosnell trial—the one many Americans have never heard of, thanks to the ideologically biased news media—and President Obama’s speech before Planned Parenthood, in which he pledged his unyielding support of abortion—without ever using the word, of course. Sometimes, the best political cartoons about an event appear after I’ve written about it. I think this one is particularly clear and direct:

I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe Obama is far more concerned about pro-life people than he is about terrorists, especially of the Muslim variety. Just look at his record throughout his life.

As for the Gosnell trial, which is awaiting a jury verdict, another cartoon captured the spirit of the pro-abortion Left and its media lackeys quite accurately:

Speaking of Mirandizing, the Boston Marathon terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was giving information to the FBI and all was going well, until the Obama Justice Department [rather an oxymoron, don’t you think?] interrupted the interrogation to officially explain to the terrorist that he had the right to remain silent. He is now silent. All reports indicate the FBI was taken off-guard with this intervention. They were not told ahead of time this would be happening.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, had the opportunity this past week to review the materials that have been purged from the FBI’s training program. She came away concerned that the bureau is now going too far to appease Muslim-American groups. Due to a confidentiality agreement, she can’t share specifics, but she did say, “This is truly censorship by our government, the government purging itself of documents.”

The FBI began reviewing its counterterrorism materials after complaints from Muslim groups who were upset by comments linking strong Muslim beliefs with terrorism. So the bureau created a five-member advisory panel, which included three Muslim experts, to decide what to throw out. The result? Nearly 900 pages were removed from the training documents. We’re more concerned now with hurting someone’s feelings than getting at the truth.

In the wake of the Boston bombings, Attorney General Holder has decided to warn the country against retaliation against Muslims. Right. As if that has been a big problem. Americans are just so prejudiced and heartless, aren’t they?

Our problem has more to do with foolishness and lack of vigilance than it does with some mythical rise of anti-Muslim violence. We’re erecting our own gallows.

The Plight of Military Families: You Can Help

One of the many blessings of Facebook for me is the contact I continue to have with former students. Probably 2/3 of my Facebook friends fit into that category. One of them contacted me yesterday with a request, and I would like to honor it because I consider it worthy of publicizing. As it happens, this young woman is married to another of my former students who is now serving in the military. They have a ten-month-old son. Her husband is currently deployed overseas, a thirteen-month stint. Normally, soldiers on such a deployment get a two-week R&R in the midst of the deployment. The Obama administration has changed this. I’ll let her tell the story:

As you probably know, my husband . . . is deployed for 13 months right now. Obviously a hard year, especially with our baby son. In years past, soldiers were allowed to come home for two weeks’ R&R mid-deployment to see family. This was especially important to soldiers with young children. But this year the mid-deployment R&R program was cut. This was a real hardship on [us] and I think trying to balance the budget on the backs of military families is a travesty. So in true . . . activist fashion, I started a petition to bring back R&R for the military families that are already hurting from 11 years of war [so much PTSD, divorces . . . ]. Now I am trying to get publicity for the petition. I have two talk radio shows that are planning on covering this military R&R issue, one online newspaper is taking it up, and I’m trying to ask all my friends with connections both for suggestions on how to publicize this issue and if they would be willing to spread the information.

She has set up a site where you can add your name to the petition. When you do so—as I have done—it will trigger an e-mail to the White House, to both of your state’s senators, and to your congressman. The site is http://www.petition2congress.com/8229/bring-back-military-rr/

Sadly, we have an administration that, while mouthing platitudes about those who protect the country via military service, does little in the way of helping them. The fiscal cliff that approaches may end up slashing military funding drastically. This is particularly disturbing since having a military force is one of the few things we fund anymore that is constitutional.

The military always seems to get the short stick. Ever since Obama took office, it’s interesting how hard it has become, for instance, for those in the service overseas to vote. Those absentee ballots don’t always arrive on time.

The Obama-Holder Justice Department cries “fraud” when states simply want voters to show a valid photo ID, but all I hear is silence when it comes to soldiers voting. Of course, they know which way that vote will probably go.

It’s time for us to stand up for our military families. I encourage you to help with this petition drive.

D-Day–The New Version

As I write this, we are less than three hours away from the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. Most of you reading this will already know what was decided. I’ll examine what transpires today and offer some thoughts on it tomorrow. This is probably one of the most anticipated and historic Supreme Court decisions in my lifetime, aside from all the bad decisions on abortion. If Obamacare is allowed to stand, it will go down as the worst decision since Roe v. Wade. A decision to uphold this unconstitutional nightmare will follow in the infamous footsteps of the Dred Scott decision before the Civil War that declared no black person was a citizen and the Plessy v. Ferguson segregation ruling of 1896.

Well, that lets you know where I stand.

The other big event of the day will be the House vote on the contempt of Congress charges against Eric Holder. There’s not nearly the suspense for that one. Even some Democrats are going to vote for those charges, especially those who represent Republican-leaning districts in the upcoming election. So much is at stake in this as well: immigration policy, border security enforcement, states’ rights, possible misuse of executive privilege. If these charges pass, will the courts then do their job and force the attorney general to do his? I wish I had more confidence in the public’s grasp of the importance of the issues in this case. Well, at least some of the cartoonists have a good handle on it:

For me, seeing cartoons like this on a daily basis provides hope that rational thought and common sense may yet prevail. November will tell if my hope is illusory or if we still have a future as a nation.