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Cartoon Meditations for a Friday

Let’s just have a few meditations on the economy today, and how it’s affecting the race for the presidency. What better way to accomplish this than to allow the cartoonists to carry the meditation? I know most of what I write about is national, but we can start with one state’s economy: Of course, if that happens, the rest of the country will be affected also. Did you hear that California governor Jerry Brown just announced that the state debt… Read more »

Greece and America: See Any Similarities?

I haven’t said anything about Greece yet, so I guess it’s about time. In case you haven’t been following this, Greece is now a basket-case financially. How did it get that way? Its socialist policies have bankrupted it. Did you know the retirement age in Greece is about 53? Sounds good, some might say. No, we were made to be productive far beyond that age. All it did was create a massive entitlement that the government no longer can afford. You might… Read more »