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Ebola & Public Confidence

The Ebola scare seems to be subsiding at the moment. We need to keep in mind, though, that there is an incubation period for the virus. Our health officials seem to be of two minds, however, as to the length of that period. Is it 21 days or 42? Whom do we trust to tell us? The information from the CDC has been wildly contradictory on all fronts. That’s right. We wouldn’t want the public to lose confidence in the… Read more »

Political Cartoon Potpourri Day

Let’s cover a few topics today and let the political cartoons carry most of the commentary. Regular readers know I like to do this occasionally. I could attribute this to a bit of laziness on my part or simply to my deep appreciation of the cartoonists’ wit. I’ll choose the latter. In response to the terrorist attack on a shopping mall in Kenya by Islamists who gunned down only Christians, here’s a sobering assessment: Yes, we’re still waiting for expressed… Read more »

Al Gore’s New Green Money Initiative

Yesterday’s post emphasized the liberal/secular/progressive bias inherent within the news media, particularly with respect to the portrayal of anything connected to evangelical Christianity and/or conservative politics. One news outlet I didn’t mention was Current TV, whose founder and owner is Al Gore. One reason for not giving Current a prominent place in the commentary is the miniscule audience it draws. Apparently, it hasn’t been doing too well financially because Gore just found a buyer to take it off his hands—Al… Read more »

Why the Electoral College?

“Do away with the electoral college!” That’s the cry that emanated from some Democrats after the 2000 election when Al Gore won the popular vote but George Bush won the electoral vote and the presidency. Some, including Hillary Clinton, called for a change in the Constitution to a simply majority vote nationwide to determine the winner. I believe that would be shortsighted and a detriment to our political system. Why? Let me offer a short history of why the Founders… Read more »