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A Beneficial Retirement

Holidays are respites from problems, but those problems don’t go away. While I love Thanksgiving because of its Christian origins, simply celebrating Thanksgiving doesn’t solve what ails us, particularly when so many in the country don’t want to recognize the Giver of all good things. Now with Thanksgiving behind us, there remain many unresolved issues: One really good thing has happened, though: Congressman Barney Frank has announced his retirement. That, by itself, is a step toward recovery. Frank was one… Read more »

Our Venerable Congress

Make no mistake—I appreciate the type of government our Constitution created. I do believe in representation. Never would I opt for any kind of one-man rule from the top. Yet what if our system of representation gets so skewed that it’s no different than a top-down tyranny? We’ve had glimpses of tyranny at times: Woodrow Wilson during World War I; FDR’s New Deal; LBJ’s Great Society. We’re working on a new version in our day. As a historian, I can point out the… Read more »