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D-Day–The New Version

As I write this, we are less than three hours away from the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. Most of you reading this will already know what was decided. I’ll examine what transpires today and offer some thoughts on it tomorrow. This is probably one of the most anticipated and historic Supreme Court decisions in my lifetime, aside from all the bad decisions on abortion. If Obamacare is allowed to stand, it will go down as the worst decision since… Read more »

The Fast & Furious Questions Just Won’t Go Away

I was thinking I’d skip writing about Fast and Furious, Eric Holder, contempt of Congress votes, and executive privilege today, but there’s at least one point I didn’t cover last week. And I may need to amend a comment I made about this being policy-oriented and not political in nature. Since the invocation of executive privilege seems to be inappropriate in this type of situation, it’s quite possible there’s a rather embarrassing revelation that could come from inspecting the documents…. Read more »

Worse Than Watergate

The Fast and Furious scandal has many commentators comparing it with Watergate. Might I point out some major differences between the two? First, Watergate was not policy-oriented; it was a political scandal entirely. It was basically a botched burglary at the Democrat National Headquarters in Washington, DC. Some of President Nixon’s supporters, without his knowledge or approval, decided to break into the HQ to steal documents. As I’ve often told students, it was wrong to do so, but in addition,… Read more »

Executive Privilege, Contempt of Congress, & the Still-Evolving Obama

The two significant developments in the Fast and Furious investigation yesterday were 1) the invocation of executive privilege over the documents subpoenaed from the Justice Department by the House Oversight Committee; and 2) the vote by that committee to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. It was a busy day for those of us who seek to master the intricacies of constitutional authority. Here’s what I’ve come to after reviewing a number of analyses. First, executive privilege is only… Read more »