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Politics Is What It’s All About

The opportunity to celebrate our nation’s heritage and independence provided a welcome relief from politics-as-usual, but those opportunities don’t last long enough. Leading up to Independence Day, we were treated to a number of political moves by President Obama as he seeks reelection. Remember his press conference where he chided Republicans in Congress for not getting to work while he was always busy with the nation’s business? He then left for another of his numerous vacations and a new round… Read more »

Herman Cain: For Real?

In 2008, most commentators treated Mike Huckabee as a fringe candidate who had no chance of winning anything. When he won the Iowa caucuses, they were stunned. He was the last candidate to stay in the race with McCain. He performed well above expectations. For that reason, he was considered one of the frontrunners this year until he decided not to make that run. I mention the Huckabee example as a preface to writing about another such candidate this time… Read more »

Enjoy Your Saturday

It’s not really my intention to turn each Saturday into a cartoon-fest, but if you consider that bothersome, you can always go somewhere else on the Net—there’s a whole world that awaits. But for those of you who choose to stay with me today, here’s my tribute to really well done political analysis via illustration. Let’s focus today on the many wonderful policies emanating from this administration and their consequences. Obamacare, of course, has been the highlight of the past… Read more »