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Real Change Coming?

Tomorrow is D-Day for the next two years in Congress. Are voters going to finally oust the reprehensible Harry Reid from leadership of the Senate, or are they going to put up with this kind of obstructionism for another two years? Most prognosticators—myself included—are hopeful for a change in leadership. Democrat candidates themselves provide that hope by their rather ludicrous attempts to position themselves far from Obama: Even if Republicans win the Senate, the president has been planning more unconstitutional… Read more »

The Angry President? Really?

I’ve never witnessed any president so angry about all the things that have gone awry under his administration. Have you seen the montage going around of all the times he has said he is “madder” than anyone about some scandal or glitch, and promises to get to the bottom of it and hold people accountable? Then, after he makes his “madder than thou” statement, he does absolutely nothing. More than that, he does his best to ignore the problem, ridicule… Read more »

Race, Hypocrisy, & the Coming Elections

No one can argue that racial discrimination is entirely a thing of the past. As long as there are human beings, there will be those who harbor ill will toward anyone who is “different,” a word that can be defined in numerous ways. We’re talking about a feature of life simply called “sin,” another term that has innumerable manifestations, both personally and in society. Yet the United States has gone to greater lengths than any other nation to do whatever… Read more »

Deadlines, Red Lines, & Politics

Today is the former deadline for signing up for Obamacare. Those who think, though, that President Obama is doing something new by changing this deadline have forgotten that this has become pretty much a standard operating procedure for him, as it’s slightly reminiscent of how he conducts foreign policy as well. He gets pretty much the same result in both realms: Ostensibly, this alteration in the deadline is to help all those who don’t have insurance and just haven’t had… Read more »

The Election: An Analysis

I spent a good part of my day yesterday culling through analyses of the election in preparation for my talk to a local Republican club last night. But I did more than just gather information; I prayed as I gathered, seeking to know how the Lord wants me, and all Christians in particular, to respond to the results. In today’s post, I’m going to share what I told that group. Tomorrow, I want to address the perspective Christians should have… Read more »

The Worst-Case Scenario

Yesterday I laid out four election-night scenarios, from worst-case to best-case. I didn’t really believe the worst-case would come to pass, but it has. We will now have four more years of a president who seeks to, in his words, transform America. For the next two years, he will still have a Senate on his side. Only the House stands between us and his plans. At the very least, Obamacare in all its ugliness will now be implemented, along with… Read more »

The Media's Perspective on 2010

I love all those year-in-review segments on the news channels. Sometimes they are interesting; other times, they are rather humorous. For example, in dissecting why the November elections turned out as they did, you might hear something like this: The answers are not all that difficult to discern. Yet the media continues to portray political developments in the best light possible for the administration: There’s also a lot of talk about President Obama veering to the center of the political… Read more »