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Christians, the Government, & Welfare

Time to tread lightly. I don’t intend this post to be a diatribe against government welfare. Rather, I want to approach the subject Biblically, constitutionally, and practically. There’s an accusation floating around in the political arena that politically conservative Christians/Republicans-at-large [take your pick of descriptors] are uncaring individuals who don’t want to help those in poverty. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the Biblical angle, what can be said about our responsibility toward the poor? There is no… Read more »

Why No Recovery? Here’s the Answer

Last week, the president attempted to explain why the economy hasn’t recovered yet. First of all, that’s interesting, simply because the summer of 2010 was officially dubbed “Recovery Summer.” Hmm, what happened to that? Obama said there are headwinds against that recovery, and then went on to blame gas prices and problems in other parts of the world—anything but his own policies. That phrase—bumps on the road to recovery—gave the cartoonists a lot to work with: I didn’t need to… Read more »

Responsible Government … For a Change

So President Obama gave his view on the current state of our union. Then the Republicans responded, via Rep. Paul Ryan, with their approach, which is the polar opposite of the president’s. Even Rep. Michele Bachmann gave a Tea Party response. Two out of three got it right. That’s because there is a difference in worldview, philosophy of government, and economic policies as wide as the Pacific Ocean between the two sides in this debate. Republicans are moving forward with… Read more »

The Leftist Economic Mindset

In a townhall Obama held the other day, he made a strong statement when he said he would not allow the tax cuts for the “rich” to be extended. The mantra from the Left is always “We can’t afford to give tax cuts.” Think about this mindset for a moment. What it indicates is that the Left side of the political spectrum believes that your money really isn’t yours. They consider it all to be the government’s, and they can… Read more »

The Source of the Problem

As the economy continues to deteriorate, the cartoonists are zeroing in on the source of the problem. Funny how that source seems to center on one person. Here’s one example: It’s almost as if the president doesn’t realize what he’s doing to his own party. They’re beginning to see the danger, though. He continues to say that we’re going in the right direction and that we’re not to be frightened by the massive deficits. We’re supposed to believe he knows… Read more »

The Invisible Economic Recovery

In case you’re wondering what happened to the economic recovery, you’re not alone. Some people are surprised that things haven’t turned around, but those who understand how economics actually works predicted this bad result from the start. It would be nice if Congress would realize the problem, but that’s not likely with its current makeup: We’ve heard a lot of rhetoric about how well this administration’s policies are working. Then of course, there is the reality: The president himself has been quite… Read more »


There are some Americans who have an inferiority complex [please excuse me for using Freudian terminology—although I think he was wrong on almost everything, this term does seem to apply]. They think that America is always behind the times, backward, and just not on the cutting edge of sophistication. For some reason, they believe that Europe is the standard for all things, so we need to change our ways and become more like Europe. Has anyone noticed that a lot… Read more »