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Those Persistent Libya Questions

The Libya questions won’t go away, and for good reason. The timeline has gone something like this: Shortly after our consulate was attacked with rather sophisticated weaponry, the administration’s line was that this was a spontaneous protest fueled by an obscure video trailer for a movie about Mohammed. All the blame was focused on that movie, and there was even some comment that it was a shame we couldn’t clamp down on such people because our First Amendment right of… Read more »

VP Debate: The Cartoon Aftermath

I normally take a blogging break on Saturdays, but I thought I might be performing a public service if I at least drew attention to the spate of political cartoons depicting the essence of the VP debate on Thursday evening. Therefore, without further comment, I present the following for your edification and enjoyment.

The Biden Circus

“Bizarre” might be the most appropriate word to describe what transpired in the VP debate last night, and the centerpiece of Bizzaro World was the rude, disgusting behavior of our current vice president. Never in my many years of watching and analyzing political debates have I encountered such a boorish display. I’ve witnessed rudeness before—think of Al Gore’s massive “sighs” in his debate with George Bush—and supreme arrogance—John Kerry at all times—but Joe Biden left all contenders for the title… Read more »

Puncturing the Obama Balloon

One of the most satisfying things about last week’s presidential debate is that, for many people, this was the first time the air was let out of the Obama balloon. Ever since he entered the national political scene, his credentials have been mostly air, but he and his operatives have been adept at concealing the painful fact that he’s the emperor who has no clothes. Despite all the hype over the past four years about his oratorical skills, he came… Read more »

A Mature Electoral Decision This Time?

Yesterday was the day of shock. Top-ranking Democrats seemed to wander the nation unsure what to say or do in the wake of the Disaster in Denver. About the best the Obama campaign could do was to sponsor an ad that accused Romney of being mean. Well, what would you expect? They couldn’t exactly defend their candidate’s performance, so they dragged out the old canard of blaming the other guy. They’ve practiced it repeatedly the last four years with respect… Read more »

The Romney Rout

Last night’s presidential debate wasn’t even close. It turned into a Romney rout. That’s not merely my judgment nor the judgment of Republican backers of the candidate, but of practically the entire political world, Right and Left, and everyone in between. When even Bill Maher—the million-dollar-Obama donor—tweets that the president needed his teleprompter, and radical celebrity filmmaker Michael Moore moans, “This is what happens when you pick John Kerry as your debate coach,” you know Obama had an awful night…. Read more »