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That Was the Week That Was

How about a summary of news I haven’t had time to mention this week, just to catch up on items of interest? I’ll let the political cartoons do most of the talking. Did you catch the problem at Rutgers where there were so many protests from faculty and students about Condoleeza Rice speaking at graduation that she withdrew from the event? An African American woman who served as secretary of state not welcome at one of the self-proclaimed centers of… Read more »

When a Nation Loses Its Mind

Why am I so attracted to the use of cartoons in this blog? Well, I don’t think it’s some sort of wish to return to childhood. Political cartoons have always been one of the best ways to make a point succinctly, without excess bloviating. I try to collect them according to theme/topic. Sometimes, I get a smattering of excellent cartoon commentaries without one particular unifying theme. At those times, I like to offer them as an overview of topical trends…. Read more »

The Icy Irony

I don’t often write about global warming. Since I’m not a climate scientist, I tend not to venture too far into the topic. Yet I do have my views, particularly when someone like Al Gore tries to say the earth is melting. Well, he didn’t say exactly that, but one gets the impression he might believe it. I do believe man can affect the environment, but most of the talk about global warming is so over the edge that it… Read more »

Reality and the Economy

I’ve focused on education, elections, and the Gulf oil spill lately. Let’s review what’s been happening on the economic front. Remember those latest job numbers? Remember how the president rejoiced that more than 400,000 jobs had been created? Remember also how about 90% of those jobs were temporary census worker positions? It’s as if he didn’t understand how phony the increase in jobs really was. Or he did understand and doesn’t mind. In his worldview, a job is a job…. Read more »

The Obama Plan

Last night, President Obama addressed the nation about the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf. He attempted to make everyone feel better about what the government is doing to handle the situation. Here’s basically what he proposed: In his desire to ensure that BP pay for the damages from the spill, he declared that the company would be forced to set aside a fund for compensating workers and business owners who have been hurt by this disaster. That sounds good…. Read more »