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When Radical Ideology Joins Hands with Incompetence

The class warfare rhetoric is getting thick. I find this rather amusing considering the president himself is part of that oft-maligned 1%. It appears his campaign team has decided the best chance he has for reelection is to play the envy card. I’m sure, though, it will be conjoined with the race card later, as well as any other “card” they can find to exacerbate divisions within the citizenry. Since I’m a historian, I’m always interested in the antecedents to… Read more »

Will We Suffer from Collective Amnesia Next November?

The best chance President Obama has of being reelected is if the nation contracts a case of collective amnesia. We will have to forget, for instance, his attitude toward the plebeians who actually do the work in this country. Those are the people he famously touted as clinging to a few things out of insecurity: We’ll also have to forget that he’s been on the job for quite some time now, and that there is a statute of limitations on… Read more »

Yes, We Can!

About the only thing I have in common with the “occupiers” of Wall Street is a disdain for some of the “fat cats” who think the world revolves around them. Yet that self-centeredness is not unique to Wall Street. It’s the common human malady, and in the case of the bad economy we’ve suffered the past few years, Wall Street alone is not to blame—although some people are always quick to blame someone else when things go wrong: In fact,… Read more »

The New War

I don’t think I’ve ever used eight cartoons in one blog. Let’s set the record today. Why so many at one time? Well, when have we ever had a president who has declared war on wealth and wealth creators as avidly as this one? His continuing adventures in socialism/financial incompetence provide excellent fodder for the cartoonists. Many consider his actions a new warfare: Obama, naturally, doesn’t see it that way: His concept for how to make the math add up… Read more »