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Cartoonists on Obamacare

Loss of internet service and a tight schedule kept me from posting a blog yesterday. My schedule is just as tight today, so I’m going to let the political cartoons carry the message. The subject? Obamacare, and its inglorious unraveling. Let’s begin with an allusion to the tragedy at the San Francisco airport a few days ago: Whether it’s as a pilot or as a president, we don’t need someone who’s not up to the job. The pilot probably will… Read more »

The Moral Equivalence Fallacy

I was introduced to the concept of moral equivalence when I was working on my doctorate in history. It came up in explanations of the Cold War. Moral equivalence, in that context, meant that the Cold War was the result, not of Soviet aggression, but of a mutual misunderstanding of one another. Further, it posited that there was no real difference morally between the Soviets and America; both were equally to blame for the Cold War. As an explanation for… Read more »