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The Incredible Shrinking President

Watching President Obama these past few weeks, I must say I’m surprised by how ineffective he has become. Not that I mind. I’m one of those people who doesn’t want his plans to succeed. You see, if he succeeds, the nation doesn’t. He used to have star power. Every Democrat wanted to be connected to him. Now it’s completely the opposite. His endorsement in primaries has turned into poison for the candidates. His attempts to bribe candidates he doesn’t want in… Read more »

Who Would Have Believed?

We are now seventeen months into the Obama presidency. Unfortunately, I have to say it’s gone pretty much the way I anticipated. Of course, I never could have guessed some things, and I’m not making a case for my ability to see years into the future. For instance, a decade ago, who would have believed a lot that has transpired? However, it wasn’t really that difficult to predict what would happen after Obama’s election. I knew from the start that he… Read more »

Second Thoughts, Anyone?

Life in the Obama universe hasn’t quite been what his admirers expected. We’re now more than one year into the “New Era” and the millennium hasn’t arrived. What to do? Well, how about reconnecting with reality? What is the new reality we must now face? That’s part of it. There’s also an attempt to force people into accepting something they don’t really want. Looks pretty scary, but you know what’s even scarier? If we can believe the polls, the president… Read more »