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It’s Now Officially Benghazigate

Ever since Watergate, titles for scandals have added the suffix “gate,” to indicate the high level of the scandal. The Benghazi event of 9/11/12 deserves that suffix more than most. After the extraordinary hearing last week with the initial whistleblowers—indications are that more such witnesses are in the wings—the mainstream media finally seems to have awakened from its Obamalove stupor to start asking serious questions. Perhaps they’re startled at the extent to which they’ve been played as fools. Jonathan Karl… Read more »

The Obama Reelection Motto

Did you see White House press secretary Jay Carney a few days ago telling the assembled press that President Obama hasn’t been campaigning all that much? I wish I could have witnessed the looks on the faces of the reporters as that gem tumbled out of his mouth. Even those in the tank for Obama’s reelection surely had to stifle a laugh or two. All this president has ever done since taking office has been a continual campaign. He’s practically… Read more »