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Has It Really Come to This?

Do I know for sure that Herman Cain is innocent of all the charges swirling around him at this moment? No, of course not. I wasn’t there to witness what really happened. Do I know that he is guilty of all these charges, or even one of them? No again. But as I ponder the media frenzy over these allegations—anonymous thus far and undocumented publicly—I seek truth. If Herman Cain is guilty, he should step aside; if he is innocent,… Read more »

The Media Is Here to “Help”

Sometimes I’m ahead of the cartoonists. A few days ago, I wrote about the silly notion that Herman Cain wasn’t authentically black. This cartoonist has now captured that foolishness superbly: The media does seem to have its own peculiar logic. Take the sexual harassment allegations against Cain. How do such things get traction? Maybe the media helps: Hang in there, Mr. Cain; many have gone before you, and you walk in the steps of others who have been smeared, yet… Read more »

Trial by Fire

“You can never tell what is around the bend in politics.” That was one of my final thoughts in yesterday’s post as I pondered the future of Herman Cain’s candidacy. It apparently was a prescient comment. The number one political news story all day yesterday was a Politico article pointing to sexual harassment allegations against Cain when he was head of the National Restaurant Association back in the 1990s. I always want to go to the source, so I read… Read more »

Romney vs. the Anti-Romney

In discussing the race for the Republican presidential nomination, my goal has been to be forthright and honest about why I believe certain candidates are not the best options, and I’ve also made it pretty clear where my sympathies lie. What it comes to down to is either Romney or the anti-Romney. Romney is the establishment’s choice. He will never upset the status quo, and he won’t make them nervous with deeply held convictions. A list of issues where he… Read more »

The Authentic Black Man?

It’s really kind of funny to hear some critics say Herman Cain is not an authentic black man like Obama. Let’s compare. Obama was from a mixed marriage; he had a white mother. He was raised, essentially, by his white grandmother. Cain’s all-black parents raised him themselves with his father working three jobs to make ends meet. Obama went to a fancy prep school in Hawaii, then on to Columbia and Harvard. Cain attended his local segregated school, then went… Read more »

Herman Cain & Principle

Obviously, I’ve been impressed by Herman Cain, or I wouldn’t spend so much time talking about him. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the potential problems with his candidacy. He’s going to have to be more careful with what he says, now that everyone is ready to play “gotcha” with any slip of the tongue. They did the same thing with Reagan back in the 1980 election. They called him just a grade-B movie actor, someone who didn’t have… Read more »

Cain & Pro-life

Presidential candidates must communicate clearly, and not leave any doubt as to where they stand on issues. Herman Cain confused conservatives the other day with his language on abortion. Some claimed he was waffling on the issue because he declared himself pro-life but also said abortion was the decision of the family. His precise wording did cause some confusion, but a careful examination of the context of that wording, I believe, shows he was talking about two things: first, the… Read more »