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Of Gnats and Camels

I try not to be too surprised by what happens in politics, but the latest media focus on Michele Bachmann is fascinating—in a kind of stupid way. She has suffered from migraines; therefore, she might be too incapacitated to be president. Really? That certainly makes her rare, doesn’t it—along with about 30 million other Americans. Are they serious? Sadly, yes. Now, if her migraines continually kept her from serving as a congresswoman and being able to do her job there,… Read more »

Ruminations on the Debate

I watched every minute of Monday night’s Republican debate from New Hampshire. The seven candidates lined up on the stage, I believe, did a fine job for the most part. Yes, I can quibble with some of the answers, and those who are regular readers of this blog know I am not a fan of Mitt Romney, in particular. Yet all, Romney included, exuded a certain confidence in what they believe, and were able to communicate their own message. Michele… Read more »

Responsible Government … For a Change

So President Obama gave his view on the current state of our union. Then the Republicans responded, via Rep. Paul Ryan, with their approach, which is the polar opposite of the president’s. Even Rep. Michele Bachmann gave a Tea Party response. Two out of three got it right. That’s because there is a difference in worldview, philosophy of government, and economic policies as wide as the Pacific Ocean between the two sides in this debate. Republicans are moving forward with… Read more »