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Obama, Arrogance, & the Media

I’ll pick up again with Rick Santorum’s book tomorrow. Today, I need to catch up a little on some excellent political cartoons that take aim once again at one of our president’s most captivating traits—his arrogance. I’ve mentioned previously his bold step in appointing people to positions without congressional approval even though Congress was not officially in recess. That story is not over, and the cartoonists are doing their part to ensure it stays active: That same cartoonist sees a… Read more »

Obama: Will He Change?

While President Obama was giving a speech last week, the presidential seal on his podium fell off and crashed to the floor. Commentators had a field day with the symbolism of that event—was it emblematic of a presidency that has crashed as well? Frankly, it’s not necessary for the presidential seal to fall to come to the conclusion that Barack Obama’s presidency is at a critical juncture. The Democrat Party is poised to lose control of the House [virtually a… Read more »

Arrogance: Where It Leads Us

On Tuesday, President Obama met with Senate Republicans to discuss immigration and border security. By all accounts, it was not a productive meeting. Republican senators did not let the president off the hook with respect to his policies and the manner in which he pushes them—without GOP input. According to reports coming out of that meeting, Obama tried to lecture the Republicans on the issues, only to be challenged on his views. He does not like being challenged. One participant… Read more »

Pride vs. Humility

Talk about a common theme . . . I’m not sure there has been a comparable time in American history [and I teach it daily] where those in authority have been so puffed up with pride in their own intelligence. The current administration seems to believe that it possesses all wisdom, while the peons in the hinterlands [outside of D.C., Hollywood, and other assorted enclaves] are mere rabble who have no idea what is good for them. This administration—from the… Read more »

Obamacare Coming to a Head?

The word today is that this is THE week. Obamacare, according to Obama, will pass the Congress this time. Well, it might. It all depends on how many Blue Dog Democrats and those who say they oppose abortion cave under the pressure. Meanwhile, polls continue to show a large majority of Americans oppose this bill (if indeed a bill exists—that’s still a matter of debate). Yet Obama disregards the opposition. Why? He interprets his 2008 election victory as a mandate to do… Read more »