How Can He Say This?

President Obama spoke yesterday at the National Prayer Breakfast and stated: We know there is no God who condones the killing of an innocent human being. I couldn’t agree more. Now, is he going to follow this statement with action? Is he going to rescind his executive order that allows funding of overseas abortions? Is he going to stand resolutely against the Freedom of Choice Act if it passes Congress? In short, is he going to reverse course on all he… Read more »

A Scathing Analysis

I normally don’t import wholesale comments from another blog, but Victor Davis Hanson in National Review has posted a wonderful/terrible/awesome analysis of the problems running rampant in the new administration. I have cut some of the details for the sake of brevity, but it is still a little lengthy. However, if you read to the end, you will have the best overview I have seen thus far. He entitles it “The Impending Obama Meltdown.” Some of us have been warning… Read more »

What Change?

When you run on a platform of hope and change, you raise expectations. What changes have taken place since inauguration day? I can name a few: The homosexual “community” now has an advocate in the White House The taxpayers can now enjoy the privilege of funding abortions overseas For the first time in American history, we have a Treasury Secretary who declined to pay his taxes until he got nominated for the office The president, in a time of a continuing war on… Read more »

A Problem Avoided

It has just been announced that Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination for Health & Human Services Secretary. A good thing. You don’t avoid paying taxes and then get confirmed by the Senate for . . . Oh, wait, that apparently doesn’t apply to nominees for Treasury Secretary. Now that Daschle has withdrawn, the cartoon below may be beside the point, but it still does make a valid point, one we should all remember: double standards abound. On a positive… Read more »

Republican Solidarity

Obama has put on quite a display of outward bipartisanship, inviting Republicans to meet with him and promising that if they have good ideas, he is open to them. Then those ideas are promptly dismissed. When the stimulus bill came up for a vote in the House of Representatives, not one single Republican voted for it. Critics say they are playing politics, but I have a different view. Yes, some Republicans are playing politics, betting that their vote will play… Read more »

A Democrat Dream Come True

You can go to other blogs to see the details of the so-called “stimulus” package currently before Congress, so I won’t delve into the specifics [ and National Review’s Corner do a fine job–and you can find them on my sidebar]. It’s not a partisan statement to say that this proposed bill is a wish list for all of the dreams the Democrat party has ever had the audacity to dream. True economic stimulus comes from getting the government out… Read more »

Too Close to Reality

I wish I could say that the following political cartoons are pure fantasy:   Unfortunately, these may be closer to reality than many people realize.