Liberty of Conscience Denied

The United States Senate apparently doesn’t believe in liberty of conscience. A vote Thursday denied doctors and medical centers the right to abstain from participating in abortion procedures. Read the entire story here. The story lists the senators from each state and how they voted. Check yours. Some of you may be surprised by how some so-called moderate Democrats voted. See in particular Virginia and Florida. A Christian doctor has no option here. To participate in an abortion is to deny the… Read more »

Keeping Score: Chicago-Style Politics in the White House

Karl Rove, the much-despised (by the Left) former senior advisor to President Bush, has an interesting analysis of current White House tactics. I encourage you to read his comments. Our new president is not the smiling, accommodating guy his imagemakers want us to see.

A Misplaced Faith

I continue to think about the similarities between the Great Depression and the economic situtation today. First, too much can be made of the comparison. Some people would have us believe that it has never been as bad as it is now. They have forgotten Jimmy Carter. We don’t have the “stagflation” that occurred during his years. Neither do we have the 20%-plus unemployment of the Depression. There are valid comparisons, though. One is the government’s role in each, particularly the… Read more »

The Tipping Point

I finished reading the book I recommended a few days ago—The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes. It was as good as I thought it would be. Even though I thought I knew a lot about the Great Depression, it opened my eyes to the extent of the reach of the government at that time. For a while, it seemed as if all private business was at a standstill due to the desire to have the government control everything. For instance,… Read more »

Principle: A Biblical Form of Government (Part III)

Representation, separation of powers, and a federal system: these are the components of a Biblical form of government. They also comprise the elements of what America set up in the Constitution. What we have been handed by the Founders is consistent with the Biblical pattern for how government should operate. But that’s merely the external structure. What makes this structure work properly is the internal: believing in the value of the individual made in God’s image; taking the responsibility of self-government; understanding… Read more »

Principle: A Biblical Form of Government (Part II)

As Samuel the prophet was stepping down from his role as judge in Israel, the people demanded a change in the government’s structure. They didn’t trust Samuel’s sons to judge righteously, so they asked instead for a king. We’re told of this episode in I Samuel 8:4-22, and it is quite a remarkable account of how to destroy a God-given governmental system. The elders of Israel came to Samuel and said, “Now appoint a king to lead us, such as all… Read more »

Principle: A Biblical Form of Government (Part I)

I believe God is interested in how we govern. Since He is the Creator of all things, perhaps we ought to pay attention to what He has said about it. We must start with a defintion. What do we mean by a “form” of government? A form is a manner or system, a stated method or practice, or an appropriate arrangement of parts. What then is a Biblical form? Substitute those words for “form” and we have: A Biblical manner of system… Read more »