American Character: Chanco

Most of you probably looked at the name in the title above and said, “Who is that?” Character is not found only among the well known; it appears in those we might call “the common man” as well. I call Chanco an example of American character even though he was not one of the early English settlers. Rather, he was a native American, one already living here when the English arrived. The backdrop: Jamestown was 15 years young in 1622…. Read more »

The Height of Foolishness

This week, the Obama administration released top secret documents that outlined the interrogation tactics used by the U.S. on captured terrorists. The administration has defined loud music, sleep deprivation, and a slap on the face as “torture.” This is a tortured definition. The outcry from the intelligence community has been vociferous. Release of these details will let terrorists know what to expect and how to prepare. The worst action was “waterboarding,” which makes a person feel like he is drowning…. Read more »

Sometimes They Say It All

I’ve been extremely busy lately, making it more difficult to carve out the time for thoughtful postings. Fortunately, political cartoons can come to the rescue. At times, they are all you need to underscore a point. For instance, on Obama’s recent trip to Europe and the Middle East, this is an excellent commentary: And for the media’s superb coverage of the trip: No sooner did Obama leave the eastern hemisphere than he arrived at the summit of the Americas, where… Read more »

American Character: Capt. John Smith

I spent a few days posting on the principle of Christian character. Throughout American history, there have been individuals who have exhibited certain of those traits and, by them, have contributed greatly to our history. Some of those people may not have been Christians themselves, except in the cultural sense, but they still exemplify the qualities that are essential for a society to work. One such man was Capt. John Smith—soldier, adventurer, mapmaker of the New World. One of Smith’s… Read more »

New Friends

The man on the left you know. The man on the right is Hugo Chavez, socialist dictator of Venezuela, who has closed down media that disagrees with him, has nearly destroyed the free market in his country, and has pretty much succeeded in setting himself up as ruler for life. While I know you can make too much of one picture, it is still rather disconcerting to see how pleased the U.S. President seems to be in the presence of… Read more »

Covering Up Jesus

President Obama spoke at Georgetown University this week. He spoke on a stage that had a symbol for Jesus in the background. It’s difficult to see in this photo, but in the triangle at the top is the symbol IHS. The White House requested that all such symbols be covered up for Obama’s speech. The result is what you see in the next picture. The triangular area was covered so that the Jesus symbol did not appear. There are two disturbing… Read more »

Who Are the Real Terrorists?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Have you seen the latest threat report from Homeland Security? Apparently, we should be wary of veterans returning from the Iraq war and individuals who are opposed to abortion. They could be part of rightwing extremist groups who may undermine the U.S. government. Suddenly, people who served in the military and those who have convictions about the sanctity of human life are dangerous to our society. If you think that some underling at the DHS… Read more »