What Change?

When you run on a platform of hope and change, you raise expectations. What changes have taken place since inauguration day? I can name a few:

  1. The homosexual “community” now has an advocate in the White House
  2. The taxpayers can now enjoy the privilege of funding abortions overseas
  3. For the first time in American history, we have a Treasury Secretary who declined to pay his taxes until he got nominated for the office
  4. The president, in a time of a continuing war on terror, is recommending cuts in the defense budget
  5. Congress is poised to spend nearly one trillion dollars on a bill that does everything except what it is supposed to do–stimulate the economy

I’m sorry, but this is not change I can believe in.

Prayer for our country must continue.

A Problem Avoided

It has just been announced that Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination for Health & Human Services Secretary. A good thing. You don’t avoid paying taxes and then get confirmed by the Senate for . . . Oh, wait, that apparently doesn’t apply to nominees for Treasury Secretary.

Now that Daschle has withdrawn, the cartoon below may be beside the point, but it still does make a valid point, one we should all remember: double standards abound.

On a positive note, yesterday, here in Florida, the Republican Speaker of the House had to step down due to allegations of financial wrongdoing. Why is that positive? The entire Republican delegation voted him out of his position. That’s called integrity, and we need a whole lot more of it.

Republican Solidarity

Obama has put on quite a display of outward bipartisanship, inviting Republicans to meet with him and promising that if they have good ideas, he is open to them.

Then those ideas are promptly dismissed.

When the stimulus bill came up for a vote in the House of Representatives, not one single Republican voted for it. Critics say they are playing politics, but I have a different view.

Yes, some Republicans are playing politics, betting that their vote will play well back home, but many more, I believe, cast their vote on principle, unwilling to put their stamp of approval on a bill that is anything but a real stimulus. As I noted in my previous post, it is almost pure pork.

It’s unusual to see this type of solidarity, particularly when the public opinion polls are so favorable to the new president. One can only hope that this is a sign of the development of what has been missing for a number of years: backbone.

A Democrat Dream Come True

You can go to other blogs to see the details of the so-called “stimulus” package currently before Congress, so I won’t delve into the specifics [Townhall.com and National Review’s Corner do a fine job–and you can find them on my sidebar]. It’s not a partisan statement to say that this proposed bill is a wish list for all of the dreams the Democrat party has ever had the audacity to dream.

True economic stimulus comes from getting the government out of the way of business and allowing people to keep more of their earnings. It does not come from government projects. Obama and the Democrat Congress have turned back the clock (I’ve always wanted to say that, since it is always used against conservatives) to the days of the New Deal. FDR’s “solution” for the Great Depression was to spend government [translate “our”] money. The old Keynesian formula is to spend one’s way into prosperity. If that sounds counterintuitive, it’s because it is. It didn’t work for FDR, and it won’t work now.

The currenty bill is so laden with porky projects that it has earned the title of the largest earmark in American history. Who will pay for all this? In the end, the taxpayers will, one way or the other.

His campaign rhetoric is making an unwelcome reappearance.

Too Close to Reality

I wish I could say that the following political cartoons are pure fantasy:


Unfortunately, these may be closer to reality than many people realize.

Timely Reminders

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God Is in Control (Part III)

The Scripture to the left is often invoked to say that everything will work out alright regardless of what men choose. “Don’t you know,” we are told, “that God works all things together for good”? That’s called “selective reading” of a Scripture.

Look closely. For whom do things work together for good? The promise is for those “who love the Lord,” the ones “who are the called according to His purpose.”

This is not an outright promise that all things in this world will work out okay. The promise is conditional. If we love [present tense, continuous action] the Lord, and we are called for His purposes, then—and only then—does the promise become active.

If a nation makes poor choices for its leaders, there is no guarantee that things will be fine. On the contrary, unbiblical policies will undeniably lead to bad consequences. Can those consequences be moderated or even changed over time? Absolutely. If those who do love the Lord are faithful both in prayer and in action, God can move on behalf of a nation. But if we think we can avoid all consequences, we are only fooling ourselves.

So, when Christians say “God is in control,” they need to stop and think about that statement. Shutting one’s eyes and ears against painful realities is never God’s way, and it is not the genuine faith He wants us to model to this dying world.