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To the great chagrin of liberals throughout the nation, Sarah Palin is once again front and center in American politics. Since resigning as governor of Alaska last July, she has built a Facebook following of over one million. She has used that vehicle to post her thoughts on a number of high-profile national issues. Her posts have been direct and based on analysis of public policy that relies on excellent academic research. This obviously has been her platform to make… Read more »

Identify the Real Racist

President Obama’s news conference Wednesday night [which some have called a speech in the guise of a news conference, since he doesn’t allow many questions–his answers go on forever] was supposed to be about healthcare. Well, most of the time was spent on that, but at the end, he allowed himself to get drawn into a situation of which, as he admitted, he had limited knowledge. That didn’t stop him, though, from coming to a conclusion. The picture on the left… Read more »

The Sin that Dare Not Be Called a Sin

I believe that the Biblical worldview encompasses all aspects of life. I believe that all issues—whether political, economic, or social—are spiritual issues. Most Christians focus on what they call the moral issues when they get involved with politics, but I would like us to understand that all these issues are moral issues. We are always dealing with right and wrong. That’s why this blog doesn’t focus only on problems such as abortion. If you have read anything I’ve written, you… Read more »