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Reflections on living as a disciple of Christ.

Palin & the Pundits

The political world was rocked last Friday by Sarah Palin’s announcement that not only would she not run again for governor of Alaska, but that she would be stepping down from the office in just a few weeks, turning the government over to the lieutenant governor. The political pundits have run wild. They are positively beside themselves trying to figure it out. Some have described her as nutty, others as bizarre in her decisionmaking, and some have even delved into the… Read more »

The Real Intolerance

I spent the past week dissecting homosexuality Biblically and politically, and also providing the Biblical solution for those bound by it. All too often, because Christians say homosexuality is a sin, they are accused of intolerance. Well, there are some things that are intolerable. We should never tolerate sin, no matter what form it takes. Yet if you examine what is taking place in our society, you will notice that the real intolerance lies elsewhere. This cartoon is closer to the… Read more »

American Character: George Whitefield

George Whitefield Preaching He was a sensation. He was not even strictly an American, but a traveling evangelist from Britain. Yet America was on his heart. When George Whitefield arrived in America in 1740, he started in Georgia and traveled up the coast, preaching in all the colonies. The result was the climax of what we call the First Great Awakening. Whitefield’s voice boomed, and he dramatized his sermons. Thousands traced their conversion to his messages. Ben Franklin became his… Read more »

Christians and Race

Let’s talk about race. And let’s talk about the Christian perspective on race. Those who reject the Christian message try to pin a label on us, that we are racial bigots. How often I have heard that the most segregated hour of the week is Sunday morning. They try to imply that evangelicalism is a “whites-only” religion. Well, first of all, that has not been my experience—not in the churches I have attended, nor at the Christian colleges where I have taught…. Read more »

Principle: Sowing & Reaping (Part IV)

I ended the last post with this question from Psalms 11:3: If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? The answer is actually quite simple: rebuild. Now, I know that is easy to say and considerably harder to do. But there is no other choice. Nehemiah followed God’s call to return to Israel from Persia. His task? Rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. What he saw could have led him to despair, yet he had faith that the Lord… Read more »

Principle: Sowing & Reaping (Part II)

Jesus related the following parable to His disciples: A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path; it was trampled on, and the birds of the air ate it up. In my last post, I noted that Christians are to be sowing the seeds of God’s principles. As we sow, people respond differently to the truths we are sharing. Some people are so closed off against the truth, the principles/seeds… Read more »

Principle: Sowing & Reaping (Part I)

We sow seeds in the natural, but we do the same spiritually. A dictionary definition of the word “sow” points to the natural side when it says: To scatter seed in the ground for the purpose of growth. What is “seed?” Again, according to the dictionary: That from which anything springs. But then it moves the definition from the natural to the spiritual, when it adds this one word: PRINCIPLES. Christians, therefore, should be about the business of sowing principles… Read more »