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Trusting Untrustworthy Sources

I don’t read the New York Times. I guess that makes me unsophisticated. It also keeps me from being misled. According to recent accounts, if you were to make the Times your only source of news, you wouldn’t know much of anything about Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, DOJ overreach against reporters [come on, Times, those are your kind of people], or the real problems with Obamacare. You might know there is controversy on each of these issues, but you wouldn’t be getting all the facts because there is a full-scale attempt to shield President Obama from his foibles/lies/deliberate plans to “transform” America.

Pruning Service

Of course, the Times gets a lot of help. MSNBC and CNN have lost all credibility as genuine sources of news. They are now little more than apologists for the president. Sometimes it seems as if there is no limit to the lengths to which they will go to spin a story in his favor. The Mallard Fillmore comic strip recently showcased the effort. While exaggeration is used to make the point, humor only works when there is an element of truth in it:

Magic Pres

Best Media Ever

Getting Embarrassing

We are in need of great discernment. You can’t simply accept everything you read. I would also note here that I am cautious about relaying some accounts from conservative websites, especially if something is almost too good to be true. I wait a while to ensure that whatever is being said can be confirmed. Even on my side of the political spectrum there can be a tendency to jump on a story that doesn’t have enough evidence. One doesn’t help one’s cause by transmitting falsehoods.

The media bias in favor of this president, however—and all things progressive—is too well documented to fear misstatement. Indeed, the greater error lies on the side of those who ignore the bias and continue to trust untrustworthy sources.

Election Analysis

Another election day has passed. What do the result signify?

Chris Christie 2In New Jersey, Chris Christie won reelection as governor. He won by a large margin, leading all the talking heads to chat up his presidential possibilities. While Christie won impressively, he had no coattails; the Republicans failed to pick up key legislative seats. This was a victory based on the personality of one individual, not on philosophy of government or principles. Christie ran as a middle-of-the-road guy, appealing to Democrats, who are more numerous in the state. That’s an understandable tactic, but what does the man really believe? Social conservatives are not enamored with him; he recently signed a law banning counseling to help children turn from homosexuality. He’s bought the line that homosexuality is not a choice, but simply a matter of one’s genes.

Chris Christie as the Republican nominee for president in 2016 would give me no pleasure. His presumed conservatism is purely pragmatic, and he can’t be trusted to govern on anything approaching Biblical principles. By the way, he also declined to help his fellow Republican in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, when asked to make the short trip from New Jersey to campaign on his behalf.

KenCuccinelliCuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, lost last night by a slim 48-45% tally. This was after polls showed Democrat Terry McAuliffe ahead by 12-15 points just two weeks ago. Cuccinelli closed that gap rapidly due to rising disgust over Obamacare. As Virginia’s attorney general, Cuccinelli was the first to challenge Obama’s healthcare law in court. Pundits are saying if the campaign had gone just one more week, Cuccinelli could have pulled it out.

Terry McAuliffeSo now the state where I spent most of my adult life has a Clinton crony in its governor’s mansion. McAuliffe has to be one of the most unsavory creatures in politics, yet Virginians chose him regardless. His strategy of painting Cuccinelli as an extremist who hates women [translation: he’s strongly pro-life] won over enough low-information voters to make the difference.

Two other factors: an Obama financial backer set up an organization to fund the campaign of the libertarian candidate, who probably took enough votes away from Cuccinelli to affect the outcome; the Republican establishment turned its back on its own nominee, highlighting the growing rift between those who operate on principle and those who make political expediency their god. Ken Cuccinelli, a decent Christian man who puts principle first, deserved better. But Virginia voters got what they deserved.

Incidentally, the overlooked result in Virginia is that Republicans maintained a 2/3 majority in the state’s House of Delegates. McAuliffe doesn’t have a rubber-stamp legislature that will do his bidding. Don’t expect that inconvenient fact to come to light; the media will instead crow about the defeat of a Tea Party-backed candidate.

Despite the Virginia outcome, Democrats have reason to worry as the 2014 congressional elections approach. Obamacare is going to remain a key issue, no matter how they try to spin it. The Tea Party sentiment in the country is not dead, and the overreach of the Obama administration continues to energize that sector of the electorate. We could see a repeat of 2010.

Obamacare Thus Far

Let’s review how Obamacare has worked thus far. On the first day the website was open for business, a grand total of six people nationwide enrolled. By the end of the second day, a massive 248 had entered the system. In states where one actually could access an exchange, upwards of 80-90% signed up for Medicaid rather than Obamacare. I wasn’t aware Medicaid was an option. All those new Medicaid recipients don’t put money into the system; rather, they take it out.

Then there’s been the effect on private insurance plans. The stringent Obamacare requirements for including the kitchen sink along with regular coverage has led to a couple million people losing their private insurance, which was really part of the overall strategy from the beginning. This administration is no friend of private insurers; it is pushing people into the government operation:

Private Health Plans

Individuals who are then forced into Obamacare suffer from sticker shock:

Reflexes Normal

The promises had been wonderful: you can keep your plan if you like it; the average person will see a $2500 drop in premiums; everyone will end up being insured. And the band plays on, somewhat reminiscent of another historic disaster:

Keep Playing

Perhaps this is, in actuality, one of those stimulus jobs Obama promised at the beginning of his presidency:

Shovel Ready

Meanwhile, that portion of the media that is still doing its job is trying to figure out how long Kathleen Sebelius will hold onto hers. One cartoonist has an ingenious suggestion for her next career move:


We used to hear voices seeking to put President Obama on Mt. Rushmore, alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Now, not so much. There is an alternative being floated:

Mt. Stupid

The Unraveling of the Obamacare Utopia

History is replete with odd visionaries and assorted crackpots who try to set up their version of utopia. They are always disappointed with the results. The word itself was a play on words when it was created. Utopia literally means “no place.” In other words, there is no such place as a perfect society when men are involved in setting it up. How can it be otherwise? Mankind is so imperfect it can never fashion perfection on its own.

Even worse are coercive/compulsory utopian dreams. This is when men attempt to use government to force everyone into their schemes. Modern progressives are the source of most of those attempts; they always fail.

Obamacare is one such utopian fantasy, and the unraveling of this scheme is happening before our eyes. When even the Obama-subservient media, whether the news branch or the entertainment portion, begin to take notice, you know something may be changing. News outlets such as NBC are now reporting Obama knew back when he was promising that everyone could keep insurance plans they like, that he was blatantly lying. On the entertainment side of the media behemoth, Jon Stewart is skewering not just a botched rollout but the dishonesty and incompetence of a beloved president he rarely touched before.

The comical rollout has served as the attention-getter. While it’s not the core problem with the program, it has performed admirably as a glaring example of this administration’s typical bumbling and blundering. It is a bracing reminder of what you get when you give priority to style over substance.

The website has been a total disaster:


The question has become, “Can it ever really be fixed?”


We now know the company contracted to develop the site has connections to the Obamas. One of the key players went to college with the First Lady. It also is a failed company. It was supposed to set up a gun registry in Canada, but after many years of trying, it was booted off the job. Apparently, it has a shared quality with the administration—complete incompetence.

Last night Megyn Kelly on her Fox program reported the site was down again, and when her people called to find out how long it would take to be back up, they were told anywhere from five minutes to two days. Nice to have such precision. But we’re told if we can’t get access to the site, we can always call the toll-free number for assistance.  Reports indicate that’s not working so well either.

Call Us

Edith Is Ready

This is all quite humorous, but the real glitch is the program itself, and the real story is the lies we were told from the start. Insurance companies, saddled with Obamacare demands for how their polices must be set up, are dropping their individual plans everywhere. At latest count, at least two million people are losing their current plans on January 1. That’s only the beginning. Those numbers will rise drastically over the next weeks and months. But that’s only the portion of the population with individual plans. Wait until the full force of the law hits employers. The plans will become so expensive, they will opt for the penalties instead, and untold millions will be forced to go into the Obamacare exchanges. Ultimately, Obama and his ideologues will achieve their real goal: a single-payer system completely controlled by the federal government.

They’ve been careful not to be up front about that goal; they know that would spell doom for their utopian vision. So they’ve simply lied, again and again, about their intent and the consequences of putting this law into effect:

Pants Fires

The real threat, though, is much greater:

Biggest Lie

That’s the biggest lie of all.

For now, the media is following this story, however reluctantly. If they lose interest, or realize they may be undermining their hero, they may drop it eventually. Now is the time to educate the American public about the true nature of their president and his plans. I’m hoping the website fiasco is an answer to prayer—literally. It focuses the attention of the public in a way no other problem may have done. This may be God’s way of giving us another chance to make things right. What will we do with this opportunity?

Immigration Reform Again?

President Obama has given notice that his next priority is to return to immigration reform. Not sure the Congress will agree with that priority, but he’s going to push for it. There’s no question something needs to be reformed, even if it’s just enforcing the laws already in place, but conservatives are wary of the Senate-passed bill that they say is nothing more than amnesty. While it gives lip service to securing the border first, it doesn’t really accomplish that. They foresee greater problems unless the border is secured before we even consider anything else:

Secure the Border

I believe that concern is legitimate. Another concern is the path to citizenship that will allow those who broke the law to get here to be voters eventually. Some argue that Hispanics, in particular, will be more conservative in their voting habits, but I don’t think that’s a cogent analysis. They’re going to be far more apt to vote for the party that promises everything while requiring little:

Electing Democrats

Meanwhile, the media and the Democrats will paint those who want to be more cautious and who believe in the rule of law as hard-hearted, mean-spirited, narrow-minded [have I captured the most prominent of the clichés?] bigots/racists. It’s all part of the strategy for “winning” the politics of the situation:

Just a Bigot

It would be nice for any upcoming debate to be focused on the merits of the proposed policy rather than ad hominem attacks on the personal character of those who oppose the comprehensive package being promoted. It would also be highly unlikely. The attack dogs are just waiting to be loosed, and the media will play their game.

Pray for common sense to prevail, which would include upholding the rule of law.

The Shutdown, the Debt Ceiling, & the Media

I have to make a decision every day: do I follow the most pressing issue everyone is thinking about or do I stake off in a different direction? The last thing I want to do is be bound by what has everyone else’s attention, but there are times when it seems important to stay with one particular topic. So, once again, let’s concentrate for now on the shutdown/slimdown that’s dominating the news. This time, though, I want to connect it to the next upcoming battle—the debt ceiling.

I’ve used a couple of these posts to reveal the rather spiteful actions of the Obama administration as it curtails the public’s access to memorials, monuments, and even, in some cases, to their own homes, if located on federal land. We’re supposed to be in such dire straits that not even open-air memorials like the one commemorating WWII can be viewed.

Move Along

Yet yesterday, the administration gave approval for a protest held on the National Mall in favor of immigration reform/amnesty. A crowd dominated by illegal immigrants was granted access to an area that WWII veterans have had to fight for during the past week. So I guess the limited access is limited only to those who might oppose the president’s policies, not to those who promote them. How much did it cost the government to police yesterday’s demonstration? Arrests were made. Compare that to what it costs to police an open-air memorial that is normally without a police presence.

Shutdown Rules

This is all just part of the overall strategy:

Business as Usual

What has the mainstream media’s role been in all this?

Belongs on Donkey

That same media took part in a lovefest yesterday masquerading as a press conference. The president never once had to answer a challenging question. He could have stayed there all day spewing propaganda and false information without fear of contradiction. For instance, he not only doubled down on Republicans’ culpability for the shutdown, but declared that raising the debt ceiling wouldn’t add one dollar to the national debt. How does one get away with a statement as ludicrous as that?

Not High Enough

Everyone knows that raising the debt ceiling simply provides more room to increase spending, which will happen automatically. And what about the logic in the cartoon above? What if you tried that for your personal finances?

Personal Debt Limit

What makes this even more galling is that when he was a senator, Obama not only railed against—and voted against—raising the debt ceiling, but he cited the desire to do so as evidence of failed leadership:

Leadership Failure

We’re seeing political opportunism at its most despicable level. I now call on the mainstream media to do what it seems reluctant to do: commit a genuine act of journalism.

Shutdown Absurdities Illustrated

Yesterday, I highlighted the stunning actions of the Obama administration to make life as difficult as possible for Americans during this supposed shutdown. I think it’s important to reiterate that shutdown is a term that overreaches; with over 80% of the government still functioning, a more accurate word would be “slimdown.”

Cartoonists are now catching up with the absurdities I mentioned in the last post. For instance, in regard to monuments being closed off to the public, this seems appropriate:

Obama Monument

When alternative media try to draw attention to the intentional policy of “making life difficult,” we’re told:

Nothing to See Here

The attitude behind the closing of the WWII Memorial is captured well in this illustration of a proposed temporary monument:

Temporary Memorial

Our president is just so respectful of the military, isn’t he?

Then there’s our “leader” in the United States Senate who, flustered with a reporter’s question about funding the National Institutes of Health to help even one child with cancer, responded in a fit of pique:

Money Pit

Okay, I admit the second panel is not what he said, but it does reveal the sad truth.

Which of our citizens, by the way, seem to be most upset over this slimdown? While Republicans want it to end, and have shown their desire by passing eight bills in the House (which the Senate refuses to debate or vote on), others are wringing their hands, distraught over any disruption in government:


The difference seems to be that those who don’t depend on government for their sustenance, or look to government for their purpose in life, still have a life, despite what’s transpiring in Washington. The perpetually nervous are aided in their nervousness by the mainstream media, which appears to have a favorite in this standoff:


How has the media portrayed blame in this latest episode? The same way it always does:


Wake up, America. You’re not being told the truth. Again.