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Contributions to Another Blog

I have been asked to be an ongoing contributor to another blog–Big Government. In fact, my first article appeared yesterday. If you are interested, go to

You might have to scroll down a little to find it since more articles are added daily. I hope you find my regular contributions to that blog worthwhile. Of course, I will continue to make Pondering Principles a daily endeavor. Now to find the time . . .

Startling News

It’s with great pleasure and a significant amount of relief that I announce the following developments—all in one day.

  • President Obama, at a surprise early-morning press conference, has acknowledged the anguish, increased costs, and rationing that his healthcare bill has set in motion. Upon further reflection, he is joining the lawsuits being brought by a number of states to declare the act unconstitutional.
  • Educators throughout the country have determined that the approach they have taken to produce world-class education for all Americans has been a dismal failure. Henceforth, they are committing themselves to a strict regimen of phonics, logical reasoning, and an emphasis on the Christian roots of American history.
  • The Supreme Court, in a most unusual move, has ruled (without even a case being brought to it) that all previous decisions removing religion from the public square were in themselves unconstitutional, thus reversing decades of precedent.
  • In a related development, the Court expressed regret for overturning 44 states laws restricting abortion and pledged to uphold the sanctity of human life in future cases.
  • In the Congress, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi abruptly resigned their leadership positions, telling their Democratic colleagues to revote and allow Republicans Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to take their places. They cited the massive resistance to Obamacare and their abysmal favorability numbers in the latest polls as the rationale.
  • Somewhere in the mountainous region of Pakistan, American Rangers discovered a new Osama bin Laden tape—video, not audio only—in which the emaciated, despotic leader of Al Qaeda, accidentally blew himself up while demonstrating how to use his patented suicide bomber vest. All of his associates promptly surrendered to the authorities.
  • And finally, a survey of all baseball writers have unanimously predicted that the Chicago Cubs will be this year’s World Series champions.

Happy April Fools Day, everyone!

Thank You/More on Climategate

A personal note as I start this blog today. I have never advertised “Pondering Principles” beyond word of mouth and my Facebook page, yet I am amazed how readership has grown. Starting from almost nothing a little over a year ago, now more than 2000 hits per day are being recorded. If not for the Thanksgiving week when readership naturally lags, this blog would have averaged at least 2500 hits per day in November. Just a few months ago, that average was 1500. So somebody is spreading the word, and for that I am grateful.

I never intended for this to be a daily endeavor, and I am sometimes up against the wall as I consider what is worth comment on a particular day, but I am convinced this is a ministry; therefore, I continue, and trust that it is worthwhile to those of you who are regulars.

Reminder: you can post comments in response to my ponderings by registering. Go to the sidebar and do a one-time registration, which allows you to share your thoughts. I do moderate those to ensure that nothing uncivil appears, but that has never really been a problem. I appreciate your support.

In case any of you are wondering, I don’t make any money on this. It is purely a labor of love.

Before I end this post, though, I want to make a comment on the Climategate scandal that has exploded on the Internet and via Fox News. Unsurprisingly, the other major networks have ignored it completely. Acknowledging that what they have believed in for so long may actually be a gigantic pseudo-scientific hoax is apparently too bitter a pill to swallow. They had such trust in those scientists!

It’s now been two weeks without a word from the major networks. For a tongue-in-cheek account of this oversight, check out the Media Research Center’s article.

Again, thanks for reading. I hope that my daily commentary does lead to some profitable “pondering.”

SEU Forum

I’d like to take this space on the blog today to praise the university where I work. Last night I participated on a panel dealing with the current economic crisis. Four professors shared from their areas of expertise, which allowed students to see this crisis from different angles. Yet the message was pretty unified.

This economic forum was sponsored by the Department of Historical, Legal, and Leadership Studies, which I have the privilege to chair. The room where it was held was the largest classroom on campus, holding approximately 130 students. There were few empty seats.

The unifying factor was, of course, our Christian faith. I appreciate a university where we can be open about what we believe and apply our faith to our academic expertise. Relatively speaking, there are few universities that allow this kind of openness for Christian foundations in subject areas such as history and economics.

Commercial time: if you or anyone you know is looking for a Christian university where Biblical faith is fundamental to its operation, you might want to check out Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. I have found a home here, and I would welcome the chance to help educate young people who are earnestly seeking to understand how their Christianity is applicable to all areas of life.

My department houses degrees in history, public policy, criminal justice, leadership, and also a pre-law track for those desiring to attend law school. I am excited about the future of this institution, and what its graduates can do for the kingdom of God in this world.

Okay—end of commercial.

Meanwhile, back at the forum, I think the following expresses what all the panelists believe about the current direction of the economy.

A poor solution, don’t you think?

Look Above

I’ve never used this blog to remind readers of what else might be available to them. If you look above this posting, you’ll see other things you might want to peruse on my website.

There’s a recommended reading section where I don’t simply list titles of books, but I have annotated them so you can see why I think they’re worth your time. They’re divided into different categories.

Another section is called Great Quotes, and that’s exactly what they are. Unlike many websites that use quotes, though, I fully document each one. You can know precisely where these quotes originated.

There’s also a section with my publications. Obviously, I hope you look at that one. And the home page includes links to three articles I published recently. If you want to have more insight into Ronald Reagan or Whittaker Chambers, I recommend those.

So, that’s your personal invitation. I hope you enjoy the offerings.

Happy Birthday to . . .

. . . Pondering Principles. It was one year ago today that I posted my first thought.

When I started this blog, I really didn’t know what to expect. For some bloggers, this is the ultimate narcissistic experience. It’s the way they validate themselves in their own eyes. I didn’t need that. My validation was already secure as a child of God. And He had given me an outlet for expression in the unversity classroom.

For me, a blog was simply an extension of what I was doing anyway. And I didn’t think I’d be writing nearly every day—a couple times a week should do it, I figured. However, once I realized that people were actually reading this, I felt more of an obligation to be consistent. That was a sobering realization. How can one stay fresh every day? What if I don’t have any thoughts today?

Well, along the way, I’ve discovered that current events and the political cartoons connected with them have provided the needed inspiration.

I wanted this blog, though, to be different than merely a running commentary on events. That’s why I called it Pondering Principles. The greater context for every comment I make is the Biblical principles upon which all analysis should rest. For those of you who haven’t been with me very long, I urge you to go to the category called “Biblical Principles” so you can see what drives me. My Christian faith is the reason this blog exists. Categories entitled “The Christian Spirit” and “Christians and Culture” make it clear that my goal is to manifest the spirit of Christ, even when I critique current policies and personalities.

As a historian, I also wanted to provide background for what is happening today. Check out “The Historical Muse” for examples. Lately, I’ve added another one called “American Character,” which highlights individuals who have contributed to this nation via their admirable character traits.

I’ve also encouraged readers to participate by adding their own comments. I’ve discovered that most people just like to “lurk” and not jump in. That’s fine. But if you ever have something you want to add, you are very welcome. I promise to respond in a manner that does credit to my faith and to the One who salvaged my life.

So, this enterprize has been an experiment. Thanks to all who drop by to peruse. I can only hope that the commentary is pertinent and expressed in such a way that the time you spend on this blog is considered worthwhile.

Join the Conversation

Every now and then, I remind readers of this blog that you can participate in it. Just do a one-time registration (see the sidebar on the right) and your comments can be posted in response to my “musings.” I welcome civil dialogue on these important subjects.