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Registration Announcement

Ever since this blog began in 2008, I have opened it up for registrations and comments. A couple of things have transpired since then. First, I am getting spam registrations by the dozens. It finally reached a peak today with probably more than one hundred. Second, the rise of Facebook since 2008 has created another avenue for comments on my posts, and my friends and acquaintances have used that medium for comments rather than directly on this site.

Therefore, based on those two developments, I have turned off the registration and comment options for this blog. Anyone desiring to comment can first contact me via Facebook with a friend request. I normally don’t just automatically add people to my friend list, so if you are serious, please write a message as to your interest in the blog when you make the friend contact.

We seem to be living in the age of spam. Every good thing has its downside.

The New Design

Today marks a change in the layout of my Pondering Principles blog. I hope you like it. I owe it all to my wife, Jan. I’m grateful for all her hard work not only for this redesign, but for the very existence of this blog. Without her, it never would have become a reality.

If you are a regular reader, please note the changed URL and bookmark it.

As for the content of the blog itself, that will never change: honest commentary on God, man, and life—in Christian interaction with the culture, in government and politics, in education, and in lessons drawn from history.

Forgotten Presidents with Good Advice

My latest posting on the Big Government site is now available. Most people know next to nothing about James Garfield and Grover Cleveland, but they understood the perspective we need to have on government. Check it out at

Today’s Surprise: I Recommend My Own Books

In the nearly two years that I’ve written this daily blog, I’ve never, to the best of my recollection (how’s that for a lawyerly term that gets me off the hook if I’m wrong?), advertised for books I’ve authored. Today, though, I would beg your indulgence, since I’ve just had a new edition of one of my books come off the presses.

I first wrote If the Foundations Are Destroyed in 1994. This is now the fourth edition of it, complete with a new cover. Why might you want it? The subtitle, Biblical Principles and Civil Government, tells you what it’s all about. I go through what I consider to be Biblical principles and how they apply to government. These form the basis of all my analyses of current government policies. So if you are a regular reader of this blog, this book will provide a window into why I believe as I do.

I have excerpted some of these concepts on the blog already as an overview. If you are interested in a preview, just click on the “Biblical Principles” category in the right sidebar. To learn more about the book and to order it, go to:

While I’m at it, let me talk briefly about the other two books I’ve written.

I did my doctoral dissertation on Noah Webster. While writing it, I had in mind that I wanted to make it into a publishable book. That’s not always easy with a doctoral dissertation, but I made every effort to ensure the writing style was accessible to a general audience as well as scholars. I hope I succeeded.

Webster was the schoolmaster to early America. His speller and dictionary could be found in nearly all American homes. The subtitle, A Spiritual Biography, lets you know that my goal in this book was to chart the course of Webster’s thinking and worldview. At age 50, he experienced a conversion to orthodox Christian faith. How did that affect his scholarly work? The book compares the pre-conversion Webster with the post-conversion man, while offering along the way an accounting of his contributions to American life and culture. To find out more and order this book go to:

In 2001, I completed a study of the Clinton impeachment. My approach was different than any of the other books on the impeachment written at that time. I wrote it from the perspective of the thirteen congressmen—they were called House Managers—who went to the Senate to argue for Clinton’s removal from office. I personally interviewed all thirteen of the Managers in their Capitol Hill offices; this book provides their story on why they thought it was essential to go forward with these impeachment proceedings in spite of public opposition. It’s a study in character and the significance of the rule of law in society.

At the time of its publication, it was a main selection for the Conservative Book Club. Well-known author and editor of World magazine, Marvin Olasky, wrote the foreword for me. This is the only one of my books that is currently out of print (which I hope can be changed someday), but it is still available for those who are interested. For one of the limited number of new copies that still exist, you can order from this page:

If you don’t mind getting a used copy, check out Amazon.

I don’t offer these with any expectation of becoming fabulously wealthy. My primary concern is to disseminate valuable information. I’ve promoted books by a number of authors over the past two years. I just wanted to make sure you are aware of mine as well. I hope some of you decide to add one or more of these to your library.

Thomas Paine vs. John Jay

My latest article for Big Government posted today. In it, I contrast Thomas Paine with John Jay. Most people are big on Paine and have little knowledge of Jay. I’m not so big on Paine and believe Jay is a model for us today.

Big Government actually made this one into its “Feature Story,” an honor I didn’t expect. You can check it out at

If this is your first time on my blog today, don’t miss my earlier posting—scroll down.

New Big Government Posting

The Big Government site has just posted my third offering. If you would like to learn why Whittaker Chambers [one of my favorite people] thought the New Deal was a true revolution, go to the following URL:

Second Big Government Post

Today I’m just going to refer you to the Big Government blog, where I posted my second contribution. Consider that my “personal blog” for this day.

You can go to and read about a president that far too few people remember. Hope you enjoy the historical trip.