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My Forthcoming Lewis Book

During my sabbatical year in 2014-2015, I finally had the time to fulfill a dream—research and write about C. S. Lewis. Out of that sabbatical emerged a book-length manuscript that I hoped would find a publisher. That hope has now come to fruition. A Christian publisher, Wipf & Stock, has accepted my manuscript, and the probable date for publication is late summer-early autumn. My goal in this book was to shed light on how Lewis has influenced/impacted Americans. No one… Read more »

Christmas/New Year’s Sabbatical

I’m going on sabbatical again. No, it’s not like the one I took from teaching for a year. This is a blog sabbatical for the next month or so. I’ll be halfway across the world anyway spending time with family, so it’s just easier to take a break. Now, of course, if anything really significant happens, and I feel compelled to write, I will do so, but until and unless that occurs, I’ll be back sometime in early January, refreshed… Read more »

Advertising Experiment

Some of you may have noticed that I have recently allowed ads to appear on this site. I resisted for a long time because I was concerned about the nature of ads that might be inconsistent with the message of my blog. I didn’t want anything showing up that would be contrary to my Biblical worldview. The ads that now appear are being scrutinized carefully. We are allowed to block whole types of ads that are not Christian and/or family-friendly…. Read more »

Summer Vacation

I am taking the rest of this week off. Do enjoy your Independence Day, and remember why it is being celebrated. I will return next week.

Back in 2015

I’ll be taking a break from Pondering Principles for the rest of this month. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop pondering; I just won’t be sharing what I’m pondering. Meanwhile, have a restful (yes, that is possible) few weeks and I’ll see you back here again on January 1, 2015. God bless.

C. S. Lewis Survey Update & Reminder

A few days ago, I posted about a survey I’m conducting on the influence of C. S. Lewis on Americans. I invited readers to complete that survey if indeed Lewis has made an impact on your thinking and how you live your life as a Christian. Already I’ve received thirty responses. That’s very good for just a couple of days. I would like more, though, since I want my pool of information to be as large as possible. These testimonies… Read more »

June Vacation

I will be halfway around the world most of June, visiting family. As a result, I’ve decided to do something I haven’t done for the last six years—take a month-long break from Pondering Principles. When this blog picks up again on July 1, I will be refreshed and ready to ponder some more. Don’t leave permanently, please. Come back July 1. God bless to all.