Keep Calm, Carry On, & Pray

Well, now we can put those states behind us. You know, those northeastern states that everyone knew Trump was going to win last night, and which he did. Those are states where the majority of Republicans believe more like moderate Democrats than real Republicans, and regardless of who the nominee is for the Republicans, none of those states will go for that nominee in the general election anyway.

We have two kinds of Republicans nationwide; last night was one type, but another type awaits in the midwest and the west. Cruz had his run of victories prior to the last week; Trump now has had his. The landscape changes to places where Cruz has a solid chance for another run.

Everyone pretty much gives Cruz Nebraska, South Dakota, and Montana. He’s also looking strong in Washington. Indiana next week is the key. A Cruz victory there—and he is pulling out all the stops—would start the primary ball rolling in his direction again. The goal is to keep Trump from getting that magic number of 1,237.

Right now, those who are only superficially involved in analyzing this campaign season are perceiving a Trump juggernaut, and the media would like to perpetuate that perception. But perceptions change. If Cruz takes Indiana and those other states I mentioned, all talk of a Trump train that cannot be halted will itself come to a halt.

Then it will all come down to California.

When I was in New Zealand a few months ago, I saw a sign in a home that said, “Keep calm and carry on.” The genesis of that phrase was unknown to me at the time, but I have since learned it was a motivational poster created by the British government as WWII approached. The goal was to raise the morale of the public.

It’s time to apply that slogan to the current campaign. For those of us supporting Cruz, we need to keep calm and carry on.

I think I’ll also add this: keep calm and pray for the nation. We are at a crossroads.