Trump’s New Math

Donald Trump apparently has been scoring in the polls by constantly claiming the rules for winning have been rigged. Some have pointed out that it is true: Trump has won 37% of the vote but has more than 40% of the delegates.

That’s probably not what he means. But it’s the truth.

He’s also come up with a new type of math. He declares that even if he doesn’t get to 1,237 delegates, he should be given the nomination anyway because he is ahead. Although the rules—you know, that unfair, rigged system—say a candidate must have a majority, not merely a plurality, of the delegates.

Special Ed

You know what else is unfair? You have to win by two points in tennis.

Win By Two

I remember, from my youth, one tennis pro who always complained, whined, and threw tantrums. His name was John McEnroe. I’m getting those same vibes as I watch Trump play the political game today:


Some people are all uptight over a contested convention. They seem not to realize that contested conventions used to be the norm. And they produced some good nominees.

10 Contested

The only thing that makes a contested convention this year a potential problem is that if Trump loses, he and his followers may create havoc, thereby making it a very difficult path for the one who eventually gets the nomination.

When Ted Cruz calls Trump’s outbursts Trumpertantrums, he is speaking more truth than has emanated from the Trump camp this entire campaign season. Frankly, Trump is an embarrassment, morally and politically.

Please don’t fall for this walking unreality show. Take this election seriously.