Our Campaign Dramedy

With Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders in the presidential race, this campaign has taken on historic significance already—as possibly the most bizarre in American history.

First, we have a former First Lady, senator, and secretary of state who could be the first First Lady and secretary of state to end up in prison.

Clinton's E-mails

Besides that, she’s also, shall we say, a trifle greedy and disconnected from what most people experience in life:


Just this past week, she tried her hand—again—at humor that kind of fell flat as she took to barking like a dog in a campaign appearance. It was odd, almost surreal. One wonders who told her that would work. Yet perhaps she’s used to doing whatever is considered necessary to achieve her goals:

Learned to Bark

Her main opponent, outright socialist Bernie Sanders, spends all of his time telling everyone what “free” things the government will give them. With all the hubris of someone who never understood Economics 101, he boldly goes where no one ever should go. If we follow him, we can expect certain results that have been tried the world over:

Make America Greece

On the Republican side, Trump has turned what is supposed to be a serious consideration of issues into a circus, and in the process, has dazzled untold thousands by his grandiose promises, his public vulgarity, his steady stream of personal insults, and continual threats of lawsuits. It hasn’t been pretty.


What might some of our former presidents who believed in the dignity of the office think of the current dramedy?

Front Runners

That’s pretty much what I think, too.