Containing Obama

President Obama’s unwillingness to admit he is wrong about Islamic terrorism in general, and ISIS in particular, has reached a new low this week. The attacks in Paris don’t seem to have affected his views at all. Prior to those attacks, he had infamously stated that we have ISIS “contained,” and he refused to alter that statement after Paris.

Perhaps we just didn’t understand him. Perhaps this is what he really meant:


That’s giving him far too much credit. What’s especially frustrating about his worldview is that facts don’t seem to get in his way:

ISIS Contained

In case you can’t read the commentary at the bottom of that cartoon, I’ll help. It says, “Dedicated to Those Who Believe What Happens ‘Over There’ Does Not Affect Us ‘Over Here.'”

Obama’s press conference at the G-20 only highlighted his foolishness. Many have noted that he came across as aloof (nothing new there) and almost nonchalant about the actual terrorism.

You Bore Me

Yet his blood pressure appeared to rise, and his tone became more bellicose, when the subject was Republicans and their concerns about taking in Syrian refugees. The West certainly wants to help genuine refugees, but there are legitimate questions about the nature of some of those refugees: are there wolves among the distressed masses who will ultimately be our downfall?

Promise to Behave

That “Three Little Pigs” imagery has shown up in more than one political cartoon:

Rigorous Screening

Another theme also has been prominent:

Carefully Screen

No, Mr. President, we’re not afraid of widows, orphans, and small children. We’re concerned about those interspersed among those widows, orphans, and small children. And why are we concerned? We don’t want to repeat the horror of 9/11. In order to avoid a repetition of that terrible day, we must not only be defensive, but we must switch to a better offensive strategy.

You Can

That will never happen with this president. That’s why I applaud other leaders who are willing to stand up to him and speak truth. The goal is not to contain ISIS but to destroy it. Containment is a word that more appropriately applies to President Obama. If only we can contain him for the remainder of his term of office, we might have a chance.