Hillary the Winner?

I didn’t watch last week’s Democrat debate. As I said at the time, I have better things to do than watch five socialists argue about how to destroy America even more. I also could have given you their answers to every question ahead of time.

From the analyses of that debate that I’ve read and heard ever since, I don’t regret my decision to spend my time more usefully. I do believe, though, that the debate did accomplish one thing for CNN—it reestablished that network’s old identity from back in the Bill Clinton years:

Clinton News Network

In one way, it’s kind of nice to know that there are things you can count on in life—that there are “constants” on which you can depend.

Hillary’s makeover as she attempts to draw away Bernie Sanders’s corps of socialists, communists, anarchists, etc., remains in full swing. We’re not supposed to ask, though, about the blatant hypocrisy of her new rhetoric:

Dropping Out

Hillary has been a Wall Street Occupier for most of her life—on the other side. She has been quite comfortable there, siphoning off their cash for herself for years.

“Everyone” who watched the debate has declared her the winner, the inevitable nominee, the unquestioned frontrunner. Well, she has good reasons to be running fast; the facts are catching up to her:


If she is the nominee, she not only will have to somehow cover up her own misdeeds, but she will have to answer for the myriad misdeeds and the results of the current administration, of which she was a vital part. E-mails may be the least of her troubles:

Back to the E-mails

I actually hope Hillary Clinton is the Democrat nominee. It would be hard to find a worse campaigner or one with more baggage. If Republicans are smart (a big “if”) they have a golden opportunity here. Wouldn’t it be nice to relegate the Clintons to history once and for all?