Gun-Control Politics

When I wrote about the Oregon campus shootings last week, my emphasis was on the faith exhibited by the victims. Their Christian steadfastness as they faced death was a witness to the genuineness of their faith. It also was a challenge to those of us who name the name of Christ that we be as firm in our faith as they were.

I avoided the politics of the situation because that should not have been the focus. Since then, the politics have become obnoxious and deserve some comment.

President Obama’s immediate response was to blame a gun culture and try to shame those who believe in the right of self-defense as enshrined in the Constitution. He even admitted he was politicizing the issue.

Commentators, on both sides, have declared that at least his belief in what he was saying was heartfelt. He truly thinks stricter gun control laws will somehow reduce gun violence. I grant he was sincere; there are probably people who sincerely believe in the existence of unicorns, but they are living in a fantasy world.

That’s where Obama lives also.

All he has to do is look at his hometown of Chicago to know that strict gun control laws don’t work. When you try to create “gun-free” zones, those zones automatically become havens for those who want to carry out their plans for killing as many people as they can.

Welcome Mass Killers

After the deed is done, those gun-free zones take on a new character:

Gun-Free Zone

Yet the fantasy thinking knows no bounds:

Now You're Safe

As “sincere” as Obama may have been, let’s be honest about the real goal here:

Shooting Victims

Hillary Clinton, struggling to regain her balance in the wake of her myriad scandals and robotic personality, has now taken the lead in declaring she, as president, would push for shooting victims to sue gun manufacturers, and, she says, if Congress won’t pass new gun control legislation, she will do it herself by executive order.

Yes, she has learned at the feet of her guru, Barack Obama.

Fewer people would have died in Oregon last week if the campus had allowed others to carry guns, whether the students themselves or the security force. Most gun owners are responsible; they should not suffer for the crimes of others. We are guaranteed in the Constitution our means for self-defense. What Obama, Hillary, and others are seeking is to overturn that guarantee.

All the focus on the guns themselves diverts us from the real problem for any and all crimes—the evil heart of man. We’re also being diverted from the hard fact that many of these mass killings are the result of either radical ideology (usually Muslim in nature) and/or the absence of a father in the home.

Some of the latest atrocities have been committed by young men raised in single-parent homes. The family structure is being destroyed, and we are seeing the fruits of that destruction. What we have is a parenting problem.

Parenting Crisis

We’re not supposed to mention that, though. That would make us “judgmental” and “haters.” No, it would make us discerning and clear-eyed—qualities in short supply at this time.