A Clinton Indictment?

Another few thousand pages of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails have been released. The latest estimate is that nearly one in every twenty contains classified information—all transmitted on her own private server (which was undoubtedly hacked by those seeking to undermine American security—I’m talking about other countries, not Obama, by the way—he has his own methods for undermining American security).

Her presumed husband has rushed to her defense:

Refuse to Stand By

Together, they have concocted an old scheme that seemed to work so well last time:

Almost Forgotten

One can practically hear voices of the ghosts of the impeachment proceedings sixteen years ago:

Out to Get Her

Clinton’s defense of himself as the House Managers attempted to awaken the American people—“this is all just politics” and “these are evil people out to get me”—has been resurrected. But will it fly this time?

Account Overdrawn

The stonewall continues, but one has to wonder how long they will be able to concoct these fanciful explanations before Hillary has to bow to the inevitable:


I was watching Judge Andrew Napolitano (no relation to Janet) on Fox this morning predicting that by the end of the year, the Justice Department is going to recommend an indictment because even an Obama Justice Department can’t refuse to face the facts. But he went on to say that it would still be up to Obama himself whether any indictment would be allowed to go forward. Napolitano then predicted that if Obama rejects the indictment, many principled people in the FBI might resign in protest.

This will be a fascinating story to follow, so don’t start thinking it’s old news. We get new news about Hillary every week.