A Weird Campaign Season

This has been a weird campaign season. On the Republican side, no one expected the rise of Donald Trump to the top of the pack. As for Democrats, everyone anticipated a Hillary coronation. She, however, has been her own worst enemy.


At first, most commentators, myself included, fully expected her to weather the storm simply because she is a Clinton, and Clintons always get away with their misdeeds.

Robs Bank

But lately, with the Democrats themselves in a panic over her obvious hubris, blatant lying, and possible criminality, they are desperately seeking an alternative that isn’t Bernie Sanders.

So what do they come up with? An extension of the Obama presidency in the person of VP Joe Biden. This is the best they have? I can see his soul-stirring message already:

Campaign Slogan

He’s also been called a human gaffe-machine (and possible serial-groper). At the very least, he would be entertaining. Unfortunately, if he is the candidate, the media will allow him to do and say almost anything, in contrast to how they will treat whoever the Republican candidate may be. Here’s one scenario:

What a Character

I, of course, shudder at that scenario, for the many reasons I’ve outlined in previous posts. Let me summarize once again:

Trump's Changed Mind

Wouldn’t it be better if the Republicans nominated a genuine Republican conservative this time? A self-aggrandizing opportunist is never the answer.