Hillary’s Burgeoning Problems

Is the Hillary Clinton campaign imploding? Is Hillary Clinton imploding? Democrats are getting more worried than ever about the burgeoning e-mail scandal (the Foundation scandal is currently eclipsed, but it should return). How do we know? Joe Biden is now seriously looking into challenging her, when before she was considered unassailable.

That “little matter” about her private e-mail server, what she turned over, and what she didn’t, is growing into a rather large obstacle for her.


When inspectors general start making public noises about possible criminal investigations, this whole fiasco becomes harder to ignore:

Bad Dog

I’ve never had much confidence that any investigation into the Clintons’ antics would ever yield enough to make a difference, but I’m beginning to have some hope that this one may not go away after all, no matter how hard she may try to manage it:

Delete Us

The typical Clinton arrogance hasn’t gone away, though. This is a couple that never met a law they think applies to them:

Above the Law

Since both are lawyers, they are well versed in how to handle such situations:

The Truth

Let’s be honest. If they weren’t Clintons, but just your average person who had to obey the law, this scenario would be much more serious for them than just the possibility of losing a nomination:

You've Got Jail

Let the punishment be equal to the crime.