The Clinton Polls

I’ve always said that polls this far out from a presidential election don’t mean much. That’s still true. They are, nevertheless, indications of trends at the present time—trends that may continue or reverse, of course—but trends regardless.

The current trend for Hillary Clinton is not what she and her associates expected. Three key swing states—Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia—are showing indications that she is not very inevitable at all. In all three states, a recent poll puts her well behind Republican candidates Bush, Rubio, and Walker. Further, those same polls reveal that the percentage of voters who believe she is dishonest and untrustworthy ranges from 55% to 62%.


Benghazi and the shady manner in which she dealt with e-mails while secretary of state are having their impact, it appears.

The Planned Parenthood scandal doesn’t help her either. That grisly organization gave her the Margaret Sanger award not too long ago. She has praised that racist eugenicist on a number of occasions. “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously. Her courage, her tenacity, her vision,” Hillary said at a Planned Parenthood event in 2009.

Her scorecard with Planned Parenthood when she was a senator is a perfect 100%, meaning she always supported legislation approved by the organization.

Moral High Ground

Yet even Hillary Clinton, radical as she is, is having to appear even more radical, given the nature of the Democrat electorate. Martin O’Malley, who somehow thinks he can be president, found out just how radical the party’s base is becoming when he spoke at an event last week and made the unforgivable comment that “all lives matter.”

O’Malley was roundly booed and verbally abused for such an “outrageous” statement. Believe it or not, he actually apologized for saying that. This is the electorate Clinton has to please.

All Lives Matter

No one thought when Bernie Sanders entered the race that he would offer anything more than comic relief. Surprisingly, this openly avowed socialist is doing much better than anyone could have expected, primarily because Hillary is such a terrible candidate.

Crazy Old Socialist

As that cartoon correctly points out, Hillary is just as much a radical as Bernie Sanders; she just tries to gloss over her radicalism.

We’ve now suffered through two terms of the most radical administration in American history. Why would we want to extend the misery?