How the World Sees Obama’s America

I admit to being overwhelmed today. How does anyone write about the continuing dramedy that is the Obama administration and still find the words to adequately describe his Land of Make Believe?

Two of his recent statements have thinking people wondering if rationality has left the universe. First, he asserted that on his watch the United States has once again become the most respected country in the world.

Reaction from the political cartoonists reflects how the world is responding to that assertion:

Most Respected

Behind Us

Does our president even live on the same planet as the rest of us?

Alternate Universe

Instead of respect, would another word be more appropriate?


Anyone remember Rodney Dangerfield, the comedian who always said he never got any respect? One cartoonist does:

How the World Sees

Then, as if he hadn’t lost enough respect, President Obama, at the G7 Summit, declared he still doesn’t have a complete strategy to defeat ISIS. He blamed the Iraqi government and the Pentagon. When one Pentagon official heard this, he was beside himself, noting that the military chiefs have presented Obama with a number of strategies. He just can’t make up his mind.

Another Beheading

He’s clear on one thing, though:

Met the Enemy

Even if I set aside all my disagreements with him on his worldview (pro-abortion, promoting same-sex marriage, taking over the healthcare system, etc., etc.) it is painfully obvious, purely on the practical level, this man is not up to the office he holds.

This is the worst presidency in American history.